3 Things I Miss about NYC and 2 Things I Don’t

Last week I took my first trip back to NYC since October and it felt good to be back. It was nice to see my friends, my co-workers, and stuff my face with all the Prince St. Pizza I could get my hands on. When I came back to visit in October it was different. I missed NYC so much and wasn’t very happy in LA. This time it was also different. Here are 3 things I missed about NYC and 2 things I didn’t.Facetune_31-01-2020-08-21-17

Missed You New York

  1. Accessibility: I’ve mentioned this before in a previous post, but accessibility is key. The closest thing I have to me here in walking distance is a Cheesecake Factory. It was so nice to step outside my door and grab a cup of coffee, or walk down to the corner for lunch, and walk a couple blocks to meet a friend for drinks.
  2. My friends: This is a two-part deal. I landed in NYC and had a great family dinner with my old crew. God, I missed that. I got to see most of my friends when I was home and it felt so good to catch up. I also REALLY missed my blogger fam. Over the past 4.5 years in NYC my blogger friends became my family and it was so great seeing them all and catching up. I don’t have a blogger crew here, nor go to influencer events, or have anything blogger related and it really sucks. I missed it.
  3. That 9 to 5 hustle: Don’t get me wrong working from home can have its perks, but damn do I miss going into an office. I love waking up and getting ready for the day, my desk and my morning cup of coffee, and the office comradery. 

Didn’t Miss Much

  1. The weather: Okay, so I’m a walking contradiction about how much I miss seasons. Fall is great, but Winter is cold as fuck. After living in LA and having 75 degree pool days in January I sure as hell did not miss the 30 degree weather in NYC.
  2. The drama: I’m gonna keep this one short and semi-sweet. I feel like I left NYC and came back to the same stress and negativity. Conversations I was having six months to a year ago we’re still there when I came back. It makes me appreciate that easy breezy life in LA

No matter how much I miss or the little things I don’t New York will always have a place in my heart. Til next time NYC.

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