20 for 2020

Hello, 2020! When I originally started writing this blog post it was about obtainable resolutions for 2020. Like myself and many others who make New Years Resolutions they consistently break them. This inspired me to create obtainable goals for 2020 and then I recently saw a post from my friend Monica’s Facebook and she wrote a post called “20 for 2020.” She sets 20 goals for herself and tries to hit them before the year is up. I absolutely loved the idea and decided to create a 20 for 2020 list as well. Here are a few goals I’d love to tackle this year.Facetune_11-12-2019-20-56-42

  1. Stress Less – I surround myself with the most chill people and yet I’m extra AF. I’d love to channel more positive energy and stress less.
  2. Work out 3x a week – I always set a resolution for working out 4x a week and fail. Let’s start small and get er done.
  3. Publish 4 blog posts a month – In the past, I’ve made goals to post 3x blog posts a week and failed epically. I think 4 a month should be very doable, I mean hell I’m a blogger, aren’t I?
  4. Drink less alcohol – Another resolution I always set for myself and every year is the same. This year my goal is to scale back and learn when I’ve hit my limit and stop drinking.
  5. Walk more – Working from home these days I feel like I’m cooped up in my apartment all day. I need to get out, take more walks, and now I have Gus and no excuse.
  6. Get more sleep – I now start my days just before 6:30am but I haven’t changed my sleeping schedule. I want to go to bed earlier to aim for 7-8 hours of sleep.
  7. Cupcake more – After 10 years of being together you lose some of the fire from the honeymoon phase, well my goal is to show more love and affection towards my husband.
  8. Drink more water – It’s terrible, I never drink water. I just bought myself a 64oz water bottle with the time of day on it to help me accomplish my daily water intake goals.
  9. Run more – I hate running. I’d love to find a way to run at least 3 miles a week. Don’t judge me, I’m sure most run 3 miles a day but you have no idea how much I HATE running so for me this would be an accomplishment.
  10. Go to Catalina Island – No, not for the “Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer” just because I’ve always wanted to go.
  11. Revamp the blog: I mean, you’ve seen it. My blog is a piece of shit and needs a full makeover. My goal is to revamp and create a more shoppable blog.
  12. Make more smoothies – it’s a nice healthy snack with a dessert substitute. Who doesn’t love smoothies?
  13. Visit Big Bear – I’m not sure what my need is for going to Big Bear. Maybe, ever since I saw that highschool episode of 90210 I’ve wanted to go.
  14. Shop at other stores other than Sheinside – I think my Shein obsession has gone too far and I should explore other retailers and websites.
  15. Finish decorating our apartment – It’s been such a slow process and I feel like this place is haunting me
  16. Potty train Gus outside – Though he has a 90% hit rate on the pee pad, I still need this dog to go outside.
  17. Babysit my niece more – Now that we live so close to my sister I want to pick my niece up from daycare, babysit, and give my sis and brother-in-law more date nights.
  18. Dabble with recipes – I make the same damn shit for every meal. I’d love to start getting more creative, follow a few recipes, and make my husband new tasty meals.
  19. Take more baths – I used to take baths all the time as a kid and loved it. Now in our new apartment, our tub is pretty big and I want to take more baths.
  20. Drink more tea – I use to be tea obsessed and it’d be nice to have a nice cup of chamomile tea at night.

Well wish me luck everyone. I’m looking forward to attacking this 20 for 2020 bucketlist one day at a time.


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