LA is going to take some getting use to

It’s been a little over three weeks now since we’ve moved to LA. People keep asking me, “how are you liking it?” I’m finding myself with mixed emotions TBH. I typically respond with a vague, “so far so good.” But, deep down I keep thinking this is gonna take some getting use to. I can adapt and get accustomed to anything over time. But, here are a few things that hit me right away with my new lifestyle that is gonna take some getting use to.
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I knew ahead of time that I’d be driving a lot more, but man there were two occasions that shook me a little. I had to Uber 30 minutes to happy hour. WTF 30 min to go 6 miles! All for cheap drinks?! Mind you this happy hour was at 4pm too so why was the traffic SO bad. I’m so use to walking a few blocks to get to happy hour. I was so excited to go to my first influencer event here in LA. However, an event on a Friday from 7p-10p is just stupid. I drove for 1 hr to go 12 miles for a influencer event. For reals??? In NYC I’d walk 5-10 minutes and hit two influencer events. I guess that life is over.

I have to walk 10 minutes to get coffee, 40 minutes to Trader Joe’s, and the closet bar to my house is a Cheesecake Factory. I guess being a 10 min walk to the beach is kinda cool.It looks like I’m gonna need to adjust to this life stat. Again, I know I can. I just miss how everything was so much easier in NYC. I could walk to everything or hop on the subway 2 blocks from my apartment and be anywhere I needed in 15 minutes.


Oh ya! That’s right… I work East Coast hours. My day starts at 6:30am and ends at 3pm. 6:30am is still pretty brutal and I’m slowly adjusting. I will say working from home I do find myself WAYYY more productive than being in the office. Maybe that’s because I have no one to talk to. 😦 Sure, ending my days at 3pm sounds amazing but I’ll be honest I’m confused as shit when 3pm rolls around. I’m like okay well I guess I can go to the gym. But, then I’m done by 4pm and I sit around twirling my thumbs cause I don’t know what the hell to do with the rest of my day. Oh and I’m SOOO tired all the time. I find myself falling asleep on the couch by 10pm on a Friday night cause of my early morning wake up calls.


Everyone thinks OMG sunny California you’re so lucky! Nope! I LOVE seasons. I love fall and the leaves changing and winter with the snow. It was one of my favorite things about New York. I don’t wanna drive 1.5hrs to get my fall foliage fix. Every day I stare out the window at palm trees and all I wanna see is bright orange and red leaves. I’m really sad I’ll be missing fall this year (insert crying emoji). How am I suppose to dress here?  I even had to buy new fall dresses to match the season and the temperature. I’m sure when it’s 10 degrees in New York in January and 65 degrees here I’ll be singing a different tune.

However, in the meantime these are 3 things I’m struggling with living in LA. Again, I know it’s going to take some getting use BUT I figured since everyone keeps checking in on me I should just throw it in a quick blog post. Keep you guys posted as we adjust more.

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