Mount Airy Getaway

I partnered up with Mount Airy Casino a couple weekends ago for a little getaway weekend in the Poconos and I’m so excited to tell you all about our trip.

Mount Airy Casino Resort truly is a hidden gem tucked away in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. When you drive up to the resort you’re already in awe. Sitting on acres of land just out there shining.

Eric and I have never been to the Poconos, but once the client invited us we began to do some research. He was excited once he found out the resort had golf, I could still get my foliage fix in, and we both can gamble. Alright, Mount Airy here we come! We left our apartment Friday afternoon and less than two hours later we were at the resort.

We checked into this amazing suite that had gorgeous views of the golf course. The living room in our suite was bigger than our whole apartment. It was absolutely stunning and super cozy. After arriving the hotel was sweet enough to surprise with a tasty cheese platter and a relish bottle of pinot noir from California.

After we settled in we ate that night at Bistecca by Il Mulino in the hotel. First off, the staff was incredibly friendly and the service was on point. We started with cocktails obvi. I had the cinnamon pumpkin martini and it was holiday cheer in a glass. We couldn’t decide what we wanted to order because everything on the menu looked so freakin good. Since we couldn’t decide between pasta or steak we kinda just decided to get it all. They split two orders of pastas up for us in appetizer portions. We started with the Ricotta Gnocchi Bolognese and the Rigatoni Buttera. Both pastas we’re amazing, but the gnocchi was spectacular. It was like pillow perfection in my mouth. Both Eric and I we’re huge fans of gnocchi.

For dinner, we shared the Prime Porterhouse. I’m more of a filet girl myself, but the porterhouse was super tasty and full of flavor. We requested it cooked medium and it was prepared to our liking. The over the top touch was the fact that our waitress sliced the meat prior to serving it. On the side, we had steak fries and a loaded baked potato. Nothing like a bunch of carbs to make your meal better.

There aren’t too many restaurants to choose from when staying at Mount Airy, but if you have a choice the right one would be to eat at Bistecca Il Mulino. Not only is the staff incredible so is the food. Thank you so much again for hosting us Bistecca.

After dinner, we decided to gamble a little and explore more of the property. But, it’s safe to say we we’re pretty much in a food coma and just needed to go to bed.

What really got us excited about staying at Mount Airy Casino Resort was the golf course. Eric has been a sport about coming on a lot of trips that satisfy my blog interests and when Mount Airy wanted to collab I knew this would be perfect for Eric with the golf aspect.

Mount Airy’s Golf Club is pretty damn incredible. Not only do deer frolic on by while you’re playing the course is truly like no other course you’ve ever played before.

Designed after Sports Illustrated “Best 18 holes in Golf”, each hole is modeled after golf’s most legendary holes from Championship courses in America. The golf course architect made it fun for us California kids because we got to play holes designed from the Olympic Club in San Francisco all the way down the Pebble Beach. The course has 6,500 yards of stunning fairways and picturesque views aka perfect for taking the drone out. We had a blast getting some fun videos on the fairways.

After golf, we checked out Guy Fieri’s Mt. Pocono Kitchen. Guy Fieri’s dishes are crafted with the heart and soul of hometown favorites and infused with Guy’s big, daring flavors. Oh boy, did we go to Flavortown USA. Don’t judge me when I tell you what we ordered, it all just looked so good.

We went with what the chef recommended and what photographed the best. With that said we ordered the Bacon Mac ‘N’ Cheese Burger, Ahi Tuna Tacos, Pastrami Egg Rolls, and Trash Can Nachos. If you ever eat at this restaurant you really can’t go wrong ordering any of these items. I think my favorite was the Pastrami Egg Rolls. They were hands down one of the tastiest things I’ve ever tried and we loved them. The burger was good for us to share as well. Guy Fieri’s Mt. Pocono Kitchen is highly worth the gut bomb.

The best way we could think of to work off all that tasty food was to do a little wine tasting. We heard wine tasting in the Poconos was supposed to be great. Mount Airy organized a tasting with Mountain View Vineyards just 20 min down the road. We were fortunate enough to have a nice tour from vineyard owners Randy & Linda. Hearing the history behind starting the vineyard was absolutely fascinating. I won’t give away Randy’s secrets, but if you ever visit the vineyard and get a chance to talk to him simply ask how he learned to make wine.

Mountain View Vineyard offers stunning vineyards views amongst the Pocono Mountains. This family-run business now offers freshly brewed beer on-site. After our wine tasting we had a cider tasting as well. We left with two bottles in hand and headed back to resort.

We had a light bite at Lucky Noodle 8 and then headed to Wet Nightclub. I’ve actually heard of Wet before because I know Pauly D DJ’s there quite frequently. We ended up getting a table for the Zombie Bash Halloween party. That venue space is so sick. They turn the pool into a nightclub. The waitresses were absolute sweeties and our table was in a perfect spot to watch the costume contest. My vote was on Ursula the Sea Witch and she ended up winning 1stplace. Eric and I really liked Wet Nightclub. Most people there were the same age as us and you can’t go wrong with top 40s and hip hop.

In the morning after a long night I was NOT feeling so hot. Hangover city required breakfast in bed and then a quick swim in the pool. I thought maybe the pool wouldn’t be ready to use due to the Zombie Bash the night before, but nope it was in perfect shape and I was ready to swim off my hangover. I was so sad to checkout, but before we left I made it a goal to win our money back. After an hour at the craps table we we’re up money and knew it was time to walk away.

I’ll be honest, when the PR agency reached out and asked us to stay at Mount Airy Casino Resort I had never heard of it before. I have heard of the Poconos, but not Mount Airy itself. Here is my honest feedback about Mount Airy…was this a sponsored trip? Yes. Would I visit Mount Airy Casino Resort if it wasn’t sponsored? Absolutely! I would recommend Mount Airy to everyone and anyone. It’s less than two hours out of the NYC, the property is gorgeous, the rooms are amazing, the golf club is a must, and the food is so damn good. If you’re looking for somewhere to go on your next getaway weekend I highly recommend Mount Airy.

Thank you so much Mount Airy Casino Resort for hosting us. Your staff was beyond amazing and the hospitality was incredible. We miss you already!


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