Stronger than the Rock

In Partnership with Stage Stores


I have the honor of teaming up with one of my favorite brands Stage Stores as part of their Pink October initiative month.  In today’s post, I’m opening up and sharing with you where I get my strength and that is from my biggest inspiration, my mother.

Strength isn’t something you’re born with. Strength is a choice and you get to decide how strong you want to be at all times. Strength isn’t just a physical thing, some of the strongest people I know are emotionally and mentally strong and those are the people I think are the strongest.

My mother is proof that the life you were born into is not the life you’ll live. My mom grew up in a household that had a funny way of showing love. My mom was raised on alcoholism and abuse and never had the childhood my sister and I were lucky enough to have. You can’t control the cards you are dealt, but you can play your cards right if you choose to. It’s the game of life and it’s your turn and your move. So, take one day at a time, do the best you can, and choose always happy. Remember, no matter who you are you deserve to be happy.

In a month like Breast Cancer Awareness month you begin to think of those who are the strongest women you know and that woman is my mother. My mother was diagnosed with skin cancer when I was in college. That beautiful blonde hair and freckle face woman never stood a chance against Mrs. UV Rays herself. My mother’s spirit and attitude has always been so incredibly inspirational. She takes everything one day at a time, keeps her cool, and remains positive. Call it an “it is what it is attitude.” Everyone in my family is like that. My sister and dad speak fluent “it is, what it is.” Me on the other hand, I’m such a baby and will freak out when I get the chance. I wish I had my mother’s strength. 

Earlier this year I had a minor cancer scare myself. Without going into too many details I had a bit of a colon cancer scare about six months ago. I sat on an issue (no pun intended) for too long and the doctors had to remove an 8mm polyp from my colon. Before you google it, I’ll help you out, that’s the size of a pool ball in my tush. Doctors said it was a good thing I caught it when I did, because it was on its way to cancer city. Umm, so when the heck did I turn into an 80-year-old woman?? When I called my parents to give them the update I said, “it is, what it is.”

At that moment, I knew my mom had rubbed off on me. Her positive attitude and position on life finally clicked. She had taught me to make the best out of things that you can’t control, not to freak out until you get the results, and how to be tough. 

Not only is my mom a tough cookie she’s also the kindest person I know. She always puts everyone else first before herself. She is the first one to lend a helping hand and the last to stay behind to make sure everyone is good no matter the occasion. She is always so rational and when things get tough for me I seek the answers from her. She doesn’t always side with me and she will be the first one to put me in my place and tell me I’m wrong. She makes me a better person every day. 

My mom made a promise to herself early on that she’d never grow up to be like her mom and she had exceeded that goal to the moon and back. I on the other hand made a different promise to myself. I hope that one day I’ll be as amazing as a mother as mine has been to me. I think if I’m half the person she is, it’s still a win. Fingers crossed, we shall see.

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this year Stage is turning October into Pink October. Throughout the month, Stage will be helping raise money for Breast Cancer Research Foundation through various in-store and online activations. Stage guests will have the opportunity to help give back throughout the month and share their moments of strength and inspiration.

If you want to get involved you can at your local Stage Store or online at In-store there will be various events and opportunities to take part, including sales of select “Pink” items with 50% (including this fab pink cardigan) of the purchase price from the sales of these items going to BCRF. During the month of October, for every #ipinkican moment (when you share on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag), Stage will donate $1.00 to support Breast Cancer Research Foundation. For more information about Pink October at


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