Statement Stripes

I’ve always been a fan of stripes. Striped t-shirts, turtle necks, sweaters, etc. When I saw this striped wrap dress from Sheinside I knew I wanted it for New York Fashion Week. Fashion Week is a whole other kind of beast. It’s when everyone brings their A-game and some bring their strange game. It’s kind of funny, the more outrageous the outfit the more it gets noticed, photographed, and published.

Every year I think about what I’m going to wear. What crazy ass outfit do I want to stun people with. Every year I buy what I love and what I want to wear for myself and not for others. I won’t always be the most photographed, but I feel good because I’m confident and I stay true to myself. I’m just not a crazy and outrageous dresser. If I can’t wear it every day and out and about I just won’t wear it. To make a statement during NYFW I do it by being me!

I found this striped dress on Sheinside and fell in love. NYFW is exhausting and comfort is sometimes key. This dress is basically one big night dress with a wrap to slim you down. I paired it with my favorite necklace from Bauble Bar (now on sale!) and it looked perfect. I’ve wore this necklace before with my striped turtle necks and t-shirts, so I knew it’d look good. I added a little spice with my favorite yellow mules from Forever 21. These shoe are currently sold out, however I did linked another pair from Nordies below.

Remember no matter the occasion always stay true to yourself and dress how you want to dress. Don’t dress like everyone else or how the “Fashion Week Perception” March to the beat of your drum because I’m sure it’s pretty damn amazing. My drum is comfort and savings and this entire outfit only cost me $70 keeping me Trendy Not Spendy!

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