A Dress that is Guaranteed to Give you a Butt

Having a great butt isn’t always easy. It’s something you have to work for or you’re part of the lucky few who were just born with a great ass. Me on the other hand bad butts are simply genetic. It started off cute and perky and then bam I turned 30 and it all went down hill… literally. When I found this City Maxi Tea Dress from Asos and I tired it on I remember looking in the mirror and thinking, “umm that’s not my butt.” I even pointed at my butt and asked Eric, “where the hell did that come from?” He had no clue either, but we liked it. Lol.

I saw this dress on Asos earlier in the summer, but it sold out right away. Luckily, Asos is great at restocking items and I was able to get my hands on it two months later. This dress goes with EVERYTHING! I defaulted to my usual comfy white tennis shoes and my favorite straw bag. To throw a little spice on the outfit I layered on my statement necklace from 7 Charming Sisters.

I don’t see this as only being a summer dress. The florals and autumn colors will work through the fall. It looks really cute with cream booties and brown knee high boots. I love how the boots  hide under the dress giving you one long slim look. The dress fits perfectly with a denim or brown leather jacket. I tried it on with a fur vest and chunky tan cardigan and it looked perfect too. That’s what I love about this dress, it is so versatile and it is not limited to a certain season.

Okay, so how does it give you a great butt…well it’s all in the cut. It’s a tight fitting dress (I’m wearing a size 6) and I recommend you size up for comfort. I had Spanx on underneath and it still gave me a butt. The dress is tight fitting and then right when you get to the butt the material is cut underneath and tighter on the legs and then flares out like a mermaid. This gives you that hour glass shape you’re looking for. I was shocked my butt looked so perky.

I’m even more excited that Asos has it in other styles as well. I’ve seen Sarah from Sassy Red Lipstick wear another version of this dress and it looked fabulous on her as well. There isn’t  anybody this dress won’t look incredible on. This dress fits all body shapes and sizes. It’s not only comfortable, it’s flattering. Shop the other styles below and all are under $50 keeping you Trendy Not Spendy!

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