7 Must Have Space Savers for a Small Apartment

I don’t know about you, but my apartment is pretty small. Or at least a lot smaller than our Murray Hill apartment. I knew that was going to be the case when we decided to move to the West Village. We were going to pay a lot more for a lot less and sadly that was the case. Living in San Francisco I felt like I had so much space I didn’t even know what to do with it all, which kind of made me a hoarder. I had to learn to adjust and utilize every inch of our apartment. Our apartment was a blank canvas and every available space could be used for storage. Below I’m sharing 7 must have space containers for under $50. I don’t know what I’d do without this items and I hope you can be inspired to use them the way that I do.


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  1. Hat Holder – I use these inside my closet and I hang my hats on them. You can also find an empty wall in your house and hang your hats as decoration. Here is a good Pinterest link for inspiration.
  2. Pull Out Bins – I use these in my closet for hair accessories, nail polish, curling irons, beauty products, etc.
  3. Large Bins – these have come in pretty handy. I put these under my clothes hanging in the closet. There is so much space between the clothes hanging on the pole and the floor, use all that space and fill up the bins.
  4. Necklace Holder – I hang this in my closet and use it for necklaces. This way the jewelry can hang and not tangle.
  5. Under the Bed Bins – of my gosh these are my best friends. I can fit four bins under our queen size bed. I fill them with purses, shoes, bathing suits/cover ups, winter accessories.
  6. Jewelry/Makeup Holder – I told you I use every inch of wall space in my closet. I put all my makeup and jewelry in these hangers. I place two right under the necklaces so all the jewelry hangs on one wall.
  7. Scarf Holder – I hang this in my closet and hang my scarves on it. It gets a little bulky so I swap out my spring scarves for my winter when the time comes. 

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