Positano Travel Guide

Oh my goodness! I don’t even know where to begin. Positano has been on my list for a couple years now. It was love at first site via social media and I knew I had to visit. I really wanted to go to Positano for our honeymoon, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. We then decided less that a month ago that we were going to pull the trigger and go for our one year wedding anniversary.

In this guide I’ll share all the details of the trip day by day. I read so many travel guides before going I got to the point where I was like okay…get on with it. Tell me where to eat, play, and stay. For those who aren’t big readers just skip to the bottom for the helpful tips and tricks.


Day 1

We flew into Naples and took a one hour and twenty minute taxi to Positano. It’s obviously cheaper by train and then bus, but after a long ass flight we just wanted to get there already. Our hotel told us that an average taxi would cost 120 euros from the Naples airport to Positano. Per usual we were getting hustled left and right and had to find a someone who would agree to 120 euros. The drive into Positano had an amazing view. The roads were pretty windy, but none the less beautiful. Make sure to sit on the right hand side of the taxi because the best views are on the right side.

Picking a place in Positano was not easy. Which side of the hill do you want to stay on? Should we stay closer to the beach? We always use booking.com when booking hotels for vacations because we have the option to cancel and change your reservations without getting charged. We stayed at Hotel Reginella on the main street in Positano. I highly recommend booking a hotel on the street Via Pasitea between Il Capitano restaurant and Le Sirenuse hotel. You’ll have amazing views on either side of the hill. If you stay closer to the beach keep in mind you are going to have to walk up the stairs to town for 5-10 minutes uphill. Trust me those stairs are rough, even harder after a bottle of wine or two.

After we checked into the hotel we hit the streets. We went up the street to this super cool bar near our hotel called Il Capitano. The bar/restaurant sits on top of the cliff facing out to the ocean with a beautiful view of the boats anchored at sea. We had dinner next door to the bar which is their pizzeria restaurant. We had the gnocchi pasta with clams, bacons, and pistachios. Holy shit, it was incredible! Eric and I shared a pizza as well and it was delish. The sauce on the pizzas in Italy are truly amazing. So fresh! We walked down and around the hill to check out the infamous view from  Franco’s Bar at Le Sirenuse. I sat their drinking my aperol spritz waiting for someone to pinch me. I simply couldn’t believe we were finally here.


Day 2

The next day we just wanted to chill and have a full beach day under the colorful umbrellas. After taking all my basic bitch photos we finally sat down to relax. You have to rent the chairs on the Spiaggia Grande ( the big beach) to reserve a spot. First row closest to the water is 20 euros and each row back is 5 euros less. It’s so relaxing sitting on the beach in Positano. They have a server walking around, but it’s cheaper just to walk up to the shop near Buca di Bacco and purchase Peronis there. Two large Peronis were only 8 euros. We had sandwiches at L’ Incanto which is a super cute restaurant on the boardwalk. Cheapest restaurant you’ll find closest to the beach too.

That night we grabbed a drink at Terrazza Cele. There isn’t a huge bar space, but we snagged a spot on adorable sofas on the terrace undeath the pergolas. After drinks we had dinner at Bruno’s. It came recommended to us and I have to say I wasn’t impressed. Both the fish and the pasta were SO oily. I ended up getting sick later that night. Though the view is great just go to any restaurant around there.

After dinner we went down to the beach to this disco called Music on the Rocks. Okay, that place was pretty awesome. It’s a club literally in the rocks of the mountain with great dance music and chill vibes. This is a must do in Positano!


Day 3

We took a day trip to Amalfi. Stay tuned because that will be a separate guide in itself coming soon. When we arrived back in Positano we were beat after a long day on the Amalfi coast. We decided to grab dinner at this place that came recommended by another blogger called Da Vincenzo.

Holy shit you guys…this was our best meal in Italy! We ordered the stuffed bell pepper because it came recommended and it was so tasty! Eric got the seared ahi tuned which was insanely fresh, and I ordered the braised beef rigatoni. That pasta was SO freaking good. If you’re seen the movie, “What About Bob” with Bill Murray you’ll remember that dinner scene where Bob is just moaning and groaning over how delicious the food was. Oh dude, I was Bob for sure. I was having a serious moment with this pasta.

So, we’re sitting there about to eat our dessert and Eric’s friend from high school and his wife walk right past us on the street. Positano is such a small world! After dinner we got drinks with them back at Il Capitano.


Day 4

Since we ran into our friends the night before at dinner we decided to combine forces the next day for Capri. That guide will be coming soon as well. Don’t you worry! I have a lot to say about Capri.

When the four of us got back from a LONG day of drinking in Capri. We stopped for espresso martinis at La Brezza, a cute cafe on the beach. It also has great wifi. That night the four of use went to dinner at La Tagliata.

I want to say La Tagliata came recommended by 4-5 different people as a must do in Positano. In one reco email my guy friend said, “if you’re reading this email stop and make a reservation at La Tagliata!” Well we def didn’t do that and when we called the day we arrived they were sold out for the whole weekend. Do yourself a favor and schedule in advance. Luckily, our friends had a ressie and we tagged along on their ressie.

La Tagliate is a family owned restaurant at the top of the hill. It’s 40 euros a person for all you can eat and drink. They literally just keep bringing out dishes of food and drop wine on the table and keep it coming. Mama, the Chef comes out at the end of dinner for her round of applause and to thank her guests for coming. The food was so good and extremely authentic. Show up with an appetite and not drunk. I was super boozy pants and didn’t enjoy the dinner as much as I should have.

Positano was more than just a vacation it was a dream come true. I really don’t have a huge bucketlist of places to visit, but checking this off the list felt like I accomplished something big. I know this article was quite the read and I appreciate you hanging in. Below I’ve provided a quick recap for those who want to get to the point. Since we planned this trip less than a month in advance we made several mistakes and also lucked out with a few wins. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help make your trip as memorable as ours.


Tips for Positano
  1. You can use credit cards almost everywhere but euros are preferred.
  2. Luckily most of the people along the Amalfi Coast speak English.
  3. There are A LOT of stairs. Good luck!
  4. Bring water shoes for the beach because the rocks will hurt your feet
  5. Wander around the city. Getting lost in Positano may be your best days.
  6. Take A LOT of pictures.
  7. To reserve chairs on the big beach you just need to get down there by 11am to snag the front row.
Where to Eat and Drink
  • Da Vincenzo – INCREDIBLE beef braised pasta and stuffed bell pepper
  • La Tagliata– super authentic and family style. 40 euros per person for all you can eat and drink
  • Franco’s Bar – most picturesque view of the city. Great music and a swanky vibe.
  • Il Capitano – incredible views! Try the margarita pizza and the gnocchi. Next door has a pretty cool bar too.
  • La Brezza – a place for a light breakfast and great wifi.
  • L’ Incanto – great beach bar with an inexpensive menu.
  • Le Sirenuse – we only explored the hotel and that alone was worth the visit.
  • Hotel Poseidon – we didn’t get a chance to eat there, but the patio alone is worth going for the meal. I’d say the terrace at Hotel Poseidon is an equally great view as the one from Le Sirenuse.
What Came Recommended But We Didn’t Do
  1. Get custom sandals made
  2. Hike The Path of the Gods
  3. The Champagne Bar at Le Sirenuse
  4. Check out Pompeii
  5. Visit the smaller beaches by boat
  6. Eat at Da Adolfo
  7. Eat at Chez Black
  8. Eat at La Sponda (didn’t go because everyone said it was overpriced and overrated)
  9. Book a private tour to Capri
What I Wore

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