5 Tips to Help You Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

It’s officially fall! Since we live in a city with true seasons we don’t have enough space in our closet to house both summer, fall, and winter clothes. Most New Yorkers live in expensive, yet small apartments and we have to transition our clothes in our closet by the seasons. We swap out summer/spring with fall/winter. Today I’m sharing 5 helpful tips to help a New Yorker transition their closet from summer to fall.

  1. Get bins for under your bed – Time to put those summer espadrilles away and make room for the booties. You’ll be surprised how many bins you can fit under there, I have four. I’d recommend keeping a pair of flip flops behind cause you’ll always need them after a pedicure. 
  2. Purge – Yes, you can do it. If you didn’t wear that sweater last season you’re probably not going to wear it this season. That also goes for summer clothes as well. You know you’re just gonna buy more crap next year so make more room for it now. 
  3. Pack it Up – Oh and I mean everything. Don’t let those suitcases and duffle bags go to waste. Stuff those babies as much as you can with all those summer clothes. 
  4. Utilize everything – Wall space can be your best friend. Hang your makeup, scarves, jewelry, hats, etc. 
  5. Keep transitional pieces – You don’t want to find yourself on that random 80 degree day with only plaids and fur vests in your closet. Keep skirts and slip dresses in your closet. Anything bright with a summery pattern can go. Anything you think will look good with an OTK boot keep. 

It took me longer than excepted to swap out my clothes. I simply just didn’t have enough room for everything. I think I’m going to look into some handy space saver items. If you haven’t swapped out your closet yet, good luck!


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