Jenna in Jumpsuits

I’m excited to be adding something new to the blog today! When becoming a blogger you have to decide what are you passionate about and what you want to write about. Writing about the latest trends with out breaking the bank has always been my passion. But, I wanted to narrow it down a bit. I stood in my closet yesterday shuffling through the hangers trying to find something to wear when I spotted a trend. I never realized how many jumpers and rompers I have.

My curiosity then continued and I counted to see how many I have. I own 27 jumpsuits and rompers. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like that’s a lot. I do love me some jumpsuits and rompers. I think I wore a romper every weekend this summer. I just really like the way they fit. The hug in tight at the waste and are so flattering. Jumpsuits are my jam! You can wear a dress any day, but why not wear a jumpsuit? I just love them because they are typically comfortable and a statement piece. Sometimes the only thing that sucks is they are a bitch when having to use the bathroom.

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With that said and all my 27 jumpsuits and rompers I decided to create a new segment to the blog called Jenna in Jumpsuits! I’m pretty sure the name itself sums it up. I know it’s not going to be easy keeping it up daily or weekly because with the weather is changing and wearing rompers are going to be few and fair between. With that said bring on the jumpsuits!

I wore this plaid Sheinside jumpsuit to New York Fashion and it was one of my favorite jumpers I’ve worn. It’s more low cut and very sexy, but I wanted to pin it up a bit for a more conservative look. Luckily, it can be worn both ways and both with look great! Eric said I look like a plaid prisoner, but I think it’s super different and fun. Plus it’s only $23! What’s not to love about that. If you love it as much as I do shop it here!

I hope you enjoy the many jumpsuits to come and if you’d like to collaborate with the Jenna in Jumpsuits segment drop me a line. Have a great day everyone!


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