One Year Later

I can’t believe a year ago today we said I do. The day was absolutely perfect and it was everything we ever wanted. Naw regrets, not even one! Where did the year go? It honestly seemed like only yesterday we got married. 

Right after we got married everyone asked, “how’s married life?” My response would be, “well…pretty much the same, I just yell at him less.” Every bride knows the final stretch and couple weeks before the big day gets pretty stressful. 

A year later here we are. “So, how’s married life?” Well… “exactly the same.” No really though, it’s exactly the same. We’re terrible or maybe I’m just terrible. We’re still in a relationship on Facebook. No really, we aren’t even “Married” on Facebook. Maybe I’ll update that today. Haha. My last name is still Romero. Eric is still wondering on why the F that is. I haven’t changed ANY of my personal information. I don’t have new credit cards, passport, work name, identifications, etc. Whoops. We’re still banking separately. Taking suggestions on the best way to combine funds. 

Okay, now that you all know how lazy I am and haven’t done all the things a wife would need to do let’s talk about what’s new. Hmm…well…we moved to a new neighborhood and I guess that’s pretty much it. Exciting stuff right guys?

So, what’s next? Any newlywed knows that after you get married the next question that comes out everytime you see someone is, “when are you going to have kids?” With that said….yes…yes we will be pulling the goalie within the year. So, I’m hoping (hoping is the key word) that at this time next year we will be pregnant and packing up our life to move back to the Bay Area. For those reading and freaking out I’m sorry to break the news that NYC is not forever.

The first year of marriage was amazing. You always see that lame ass Facebook post that says, “yay! today I married my best friend.” Well, I can admit I really did. Eric is more than just my best friend. Eric is my homie, my PIC, and the coolest guy I know. If I can be half the person Eric is I will be an incredible human being. The first year was wonderful and I can’t wait for all the adventures we have to come. Thanks for reading along and riding the ride with us.

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