Best of the Backless

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. We had amazing weather in the city this weekend and then started Monday with a ton of rain and clouds. With the warm weather back in action so are my backless dresses. My go to dresses typically are backless. I’m not sure why really, it’s not like I have this killer back. I have one mole that I think is cute and that’s pretty much it.

A lot of women steer clear of backless dresses because they need to wear a bra and I totally get it. I am a full C/small D and I understand the struggle is real. I’ve linked my favorite sticky bra that I wear with every open back top and dress. Granted this sticky bra is not supportive enough to pull the girls up and provide cleavage, but it gets the job done.

Below I’ve rounded up my favorite backless dresses out right now. With summer just around the corner treat yo self to a little open back fun!

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