Top 5 Things To Do When it Heats Up in NYC

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! No, not Christmas…it’s almost summer. Ahh yes… as we hit mid May the weather begins to pick up and that means hot days and warm evenings. This is one of my absolute favorite things about living in New York. Coming from San Francisco every now and then you’ll have a hot day and then boom right around 5pm Karl the Fog rolls in an ruins everything. I can count the number of times on one hand the number of warm nights there were in San Francisco.

What’s funny about New York is the transition from winter to spring. I compare it to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. In winter most restaurants and bars have the second door on the outside of the restaurant. The second door keeps the cold air from coming in through the front door and that is what I call the caterpillar. Then springtime comes and the second doors come off, the windows open, and the outdoor dining is set up for customers. That is when New York turns into a beautiful butterfly.

When it’s warm in the city and not too hot the options for exploring are endless. Below I’ve shared my top 5 favorite things to do in NYC when the weather starts to heat up.


Dine Outside


My favorite spots for outdoor dining scatter throughout the city and over to Brooklyn. There is nothing better than sitting under the stars and enjoying a great meal outside. I highly recommend checking out the spots listed below.

Picture From Fodors
  • Narcissa- East Village
  • Olio e Piu- West Village
  • Cannibal – Murray Hill
  • Mason Premiere – Williamsburg
  • Extra Virgin – West Village
  • Gran Electrica – Dumbo


Rooftop Drinks


I mean who doesn’t love sipping rose on a fabulous rooftop?! Last year I made it a goal to make it through Thrillist “Best Rooftop Bars in NYC to Drink at Now.” I feel pretty good because we made a decent dent into the list last summer. Here are the ones I’ve tried and recommend visiting.

Picture from TripAdvisor
  • Refinery Rooftop- Midtown West
  • Mr. Purple – Lower East Side
  • Jimmy at the James – Soho
  • Pod 39 Hotel – Midtown East
  • Gallow Green – Chelsea
  • 230 Fifth – Flatiron


Hit the Beach


What’s great about living in the city is we are only a train ride away from the beaches and nothing screams summer like the sun and the sand and a drink in your hand.

Picture from TimeOut
  • Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk
  • Jones Beach
  • Fire Island
  • Long Island
  • Coney Island Beach

Explore Different Neighborhoods


It sounds silly but seriously, just go for a long walk around the city. My sister and I walked around the West Village on a warm spring night last year. We just zig zagged up and down every street until we covered most of the village. I think that was one of the reasons why we moved to the West Village. Other great neighborhoods to explore is Gramercy Park. Though you can’t get into the park without a key it’s still fun to explore and see how the other half lives. Stroll through Greenwich Village and into Washington Square Park. If you can work your way through the college kids play a game of chess or listen to live music in the park. Soho is great for shopping and just a little north is Nolita with it’s own cuteness and charm. If you make it over to the Hudson River check out the Frying Pan and Grand Banks. I mean, who doesn’t like drinking on a boat.


Central Park Picnics


Real talk…Sunday’s are for Central Park. Last couple of summers when it wasn’t hot as balls we spent all afternoon in Central Park. Drinks at the Loeb Central Park Boathouse and picnics in Sheeps Meadow. Grab your closest friends, a blanket, and a bottle of rose (or two) and set up on the grass at Sheeps Meadow. I recommend buying a frisbee and another fun game to play with friends. Last year we practically spent every Sunday in Central Park.

I hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous weather in NYC this week. You can catch me dining outside and grabbing drinks on a fun rooftop somewhere. What will you be doing?


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