Picnics in the Park

Ahh I can’t wait for picnics this summer. It’s pretty much all we did on Sunday’s last summer. Nothing is better than grabbing a group of friends and heading up to Central Park for the day. Planning a picnic strategy is important though. Once you’re there you’re stuck so you need to make sure you packed the essentials and don’t forget anything. I’m going to share with you my picnic plan of attack. What you need, fun gadgets, and what to wear.

First off you need a good bag to carry all your stuff. My Stella and Dot tote bag as been my go to tote for every park adventure. It large, stylish, and sturdy. I just registered for picnic backpacks for our wedding. We’ll absolutely get use of it. This is the perfect picnic backpack. I would normally pick something with and little more color and not so basic however if i’m going to make Eric carry it we’ll have to stick to the basic black. This Picnic at Ascot backpack has a built in cooler, wine holder, and cheese board. This covering all the picnic essentials.


When picking the perfect picnic blanket you need to keep comfort and accessibility in mind. I highly recommend both blankets. The pocket blanket (left) is a recent purchase that absolutely blows my mind that it really does fit in your pocket. It’s not the cuteness thing on the grass but it’s practical. Another great blanket is the easy fold blanket tote (right). It’s great for the beach and park because it’s sand and waterproof. Easy to fold and tote around. It comes in many different patterns which gives you the chance to find your best fit.

Now onto the fun stuff. You can’t sit on the blanket sipping Rose all day. Well actually you can and that sounds amazing right now. However, you should grab some friends and run around a little bit. Ladder golf is always one of my favs. Easy to set up and carry with the backpack carrying case. Another old reliable is the frisbee. Not just any old frisbee though, you have to get one of these new fancy ones everyone was using last summer.The Aerobie Pro Rings are more compact and lighter than a normal frisbee and it goes freakishly far.

There isn’t a right or a wrong to picnic fashion. Comfort is key. Comfy flats and a light dress was my outfit of choice a few weekends ago. I’m obsessing over my classic striped espadrilles from Soludos that paired perfectly with my light backless green dress from Forever21. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and picnics in the park this summer.

I hope you enjoyed my quick guide to packing for the picnics. Everything mentioned above is under $100 keeping you Trendy Not Spendy this summer!

Photography: Lauren Kara Photography

Trapeze Dress: Forever 21 | Avalon Tote: Stella & Dot | Classic Striped Sandal: Soludos | Iridescent Statement Ring: Forever 21 | Calvin Klein Sunglasses: Nordstrom

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