Brunch with Mom

For the past two years we’ve celebrated Mother’s Day in New York City.  Just when I thought my mom wasn’t coming out this year she pulled a last minute trigger and is coming out for Mother’s Day. Now the most important question is…where are we going for brunch?

Up ahead I’m sharing my favorite Mother’s Day brunch spots. Spots we’ve already been to and places we want to go. Some of these places mainly lean towards the spendy side but come on guys splurge a little, it’s for mom afterall. Please keep in mind all these restaurants are based on cuteness. If you’re curious about the food just Yelp it 😉

First up The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. Dining with a view is all I can say. Enjoy brunch with mom and watch the gondolas pass in the distance. If you want something more casual head towards the outside bar in the front for a cool cocktail on the water.

Last year my sister picked the adorable restaurant Narcissa. Narcissa is located in the gorgeous Standard East Village. I’m obsessed with this patio. All the bright colors and hanging colored lanterns makes for the perfect Mother’s Day brunch.



Last year the restaurant dropped the ball on our ressie and we didn’t get to sit outside. Still bummed about that one. The inside was just okay for me as you can see in the picture below. Painting a wall in rainbow colors still doesn’t make me want to sit inside.

inside narcissa

Another thing to note about Narcissa’s patio is during Christmas time they turn it into a tree lot. It is hands down the cutesiest thing I’ve ever seen. Ton of trees, bistro lights, candles, heaters, and most important thing of all a outdoor bar! Spiked cider and mulled wine in a winter wonderland. So cute! Take note of this for the next winter.

Don’t be late for this very important date at Alice Tea Cup Chapter 11 in the Upper East Side. The neighborhood is darling and the restaurant has so much charm. It was fully decorated like the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland. Obviously, if you’re going to visit Alice’s Tea Cup you’re going to need to order the Mad Hatter Tea Party. The party is meant for 2 people but, it can really feed 3.



Now onto places I’ve wanted to try that are perfect for mom. Laduree in Soho is great for macaroon lover. I think that’s why I haven’t been yet. I’m not a huge fan of macaroons. But, take mom if she loves them and sit outside on their black and white patio. It’s in the back of the building which makes it a nice little escape from the rest of the city pace.


Not into macaroons? No worries, they have a full menu as well with tea party style options and most importantly cocktails.


If you’ve seen the movie The Other Women staring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton they met for lunch in the final scene of the movie at this fabulous restaurant with crystal chandeliers. Well that place is the Nomo Kitchen inside the Nomo Soho Hotel. Palm leaves, glass ceilings, and crystal chandeliers makes for the perfect Mother’s Day brunch. I mean…how amazing is this place?


This year we’re taking our mom to La Pecora Bianca in Nomad. Yet another place I’ve picked based on cuteness. I walk by this restaurant almost daily and obsess over the seafoam green furniture. Luckily, the menu looks delicious as well so I can’t wait! I’m going to need to sneak in there soon before patrons arrive to take so cute pics.


Well guys that’s a wrap. I hope I left you with some great options for this Mother’s Day. There is still time to make reservations so get on it. Off to Central park this weekend so stayed tuned to see what I wore and packed for the picnic. Have a great Friday loves!

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