Monday Matchup

Alright people. It’s been a year since creating the blog Trendy Not Spendy. A lot of people ask, “what inspired you to create this blog?” I think what inspired me the most is reading People Style Watch magazine. My favorite part in the magazine is flipping to the page that says, “just the bag is 3,000” and where to get the entire outfit for just $500. That section in the magazine alone inspired me to create this blog. When I see $500 for an outfit I kinda roll me eyes and say…umm really? I can get that outfit for half the price. It’s led me back to the reason why I created this blog and moving forward I’m going to stick to niche that I’m so proud of. This is why I’ve created Monday Matchup. 

What is Monday Matchup? Well it’s exactly what it means. On Mondays (hopefully every Monday, but no promises) I’m going to post a Monday Matchup. We all have those popular trendy items that haunt us. For me it’s the Stuart Weitzman Higland over the knee boots. Every blogger and celebrity has them. Dear god I want them so damn bad. But, I could never justify spending $800 on a pair of boots. I can get so much shit for that price. So, after a little research I’ve found the perfect matchup. Steve Madden has very similar boots and unless you own Stuart’s you wouldn’t know the difference. Tonight’s Monday Matchup is Stuart Weitzman vs. Steven Madden. Why break the bank when you can get your own over the knee boots for $150. Now this Monday Matchup is hands down Trendy Not Spendy. 


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