Valentine’s Day Gifts for “Him”

It’s not always about us ladies. Sometimes the fellas need a little love too. Whether you’re newly dating, have a serious boyfriend, or married it’s nice to show the guys a little love too. I’ve gone ahead and provided you ladies with the Valentines Day Gift Guide for the Men.

It was funny when I was putting this collage together I kept picking all “we” gifts. I’m like ooooh I like that jean shirt. Oh that monogrammed whiskey decanter would look great on our bar. Obvi, I’m using those whiskey stones too. And yup these Toms shoes are super hot. Here I am saying it’s all about him and yet somehow I’ve made it all about me. Shocker! That’s totally not a female thing to do.  

No judgement. It’s still a gift for him after all. All these fabulous gifts for “him” are under $100. No matter where you are in your relationship I think each item is appropriate and will fly for a Valentines Day gift. Keep those men trendy not spendy ladies. It’s about them too, right? 😉

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