3 Tips for Couples Thinking About “Trying”

Ready to start trying? First off, congrats! This is a hella exciting time for you and congrats to you and your partner. Now I’m no expert in this area and I’m only sharing my experience first hand. Please know everyone is different, but if I can provide some tips and suggestions this is what I’d recommend.


Pull the Goalie Early

When I say pull the goalie, that means get off birth control earlier than later. I was on birth control since I was 18yrs old and when I asked my OB if I should get off birth control before we’re ready to start trying she said, “once you stop birth control it leaves your system right away and you’ll be fertile.” Til this day, I’m not sure I really believe that because it took us over a year to get pregnant. I’m pretty sure that shit took a bit longer to leave my system.

I’d say it doesn’t hurt to jump off birth control a little early to increase your odds. Unless you’re Fertile Myrtle or your partner has some super sperm you never know how long it will take.

Start Trying 3-6 Months Before You’re Ready

I don’t think anyone is ever really ready. We think we may be, but are you really 100 on that? Again, you don’t know how long it will take so I’d recommend getting a jumpstart. Keep in mind your ovulation window is tiny and you only have a few days out of the month to get pregnant. Once that window closes you’ll need to wait another month, so why not start a little early.

Purchase and Ovulation Test

Now everyone has different opinions on this, but I didn’t love the pee sticks or Basil Body Temperature tests. That’s just me though. I found them to be a bit confusing and synced with the Ovia app everything just seemed off and wrong. I need ovulation tests for dummies. I purchased the Clearblue Connected Digital Ovulation Test that syncs with the app on your phone and I LOVED it. I’m just an app girl and love geeking out over that shit. Plus once you plug in your start and end dates for your period the app reminds you when it’s time to start taking your ovulation tests. It’s also fun when it syncs with your phone. I know a lot of people who used the Advanced Digital Ovulation Test and loved it too. It does the exact same job, minus an app on your phone.

I didn’t anticipate it taking so long for us to pregnant. For whatever reason I assumed it would happen for us right away and it didn’t. I know everyone is different, but if I can provide 3 tips for couples ready to start “trying” this would be it. Good luck everyone on your fertility journey and enjoy all the sex. Ha!

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