4 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Trying to Get Pregnant

I haven’t fully shared our pregnancy journey with you yet, but for the most part, you know we struggled for quite sometime to get pregnant. “Trying” loses it’s fun and suddenly turns to frustration before you know it. I can remember the things that gave me comfort when trying and the things that did not. Now, I’m not saying these 4 things will rub everyone the wrong way, but it sure as hell didn’t give me comfort. I thought I’d whip up a few responses to avoid when chatting with a friend struggling to conceive.

  1. Don’t stress about it, just have fun! – Seriously, that’s easy for people to say however they’ll NEVER understand how hard it is especially when it stops being fun.
  2. Once you stop thinking about it, it will happen – Oh is that so? Well, I’m probably not going to stop thinking about it… so thx.
  3. Don’t worry your time will come – SMH. I’m sure it will, but again…not feeling great at the moment.
  4. You’re still so young – First off, that’s just something older people say. I’m in my late 30s, I’m not getting any younger. I’d prefer not to be in my 60s when my kid graduates high school.

I honestly believe if you avoid those 4 responses you’ll prob be better off with your BFF trying to lean on your shoulder. A response that will go a long way would be, “I’m so sorry, I can’t even imagine what you guys are going through. If you ever wanna talk about it I’m here for you.” Short, sweet, and always safe.

Another solid piece of advice is to check in on your friend from time to time. I know it may be a bit awkward and you might not want to bring it up in the event it may make then sad or upset, but I promise you letting them know you’re there and that you’re thinking about them really does go along way.


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