Putting the “I” in Influencer

I’m sure my Instagram Husband would agree that life was probably a lot more simple before I became an “influencer.” I started to take blogging seriously after moving to New York and in just a few years it’s really taken off. When it comes to traveling, blogging has changed things in a negative way.

Creating beautiful and engaging content has always been my mission and when I’m on trips I sometimes lose sight of the importance of capturing memories. I hate it and it really makes me sad. In the past, I’ve been guilty of seeing this beautiful world through my phone, probably because I’m recording an Instagram story.

It also is a bummer for Eric because then he’s on IG hubby duty. Waking up early to catch the morning light or getting to the Trevi Fountain at the ass crack of dawn to avoid the crowds. Eating food cold because I need to get the shot.I’m sure he doesn’t like to enjoy melted ice cream. Making dinner reservations around golden hour When you’re on vacation you want to relax and just chill, not play photographer.

That’s not even the part that upsets me the most. What makes me the saddest​ is that I’ve so busy getting pictures of myself and I don’t even get any pictures of us. I’ve been on trips where there are hundreds of pictures of me and then a couple shitty ones of us. That’s freaking awful! Someday when we buy a house I won’t even have any pictures of us to print and hang up.

Just a few weeks ago I went to Cape Cod with Eric, my sister, my brother-in-law, and my niece. I didn’t even get one single picture with my sister, it broke my heart. She’s not a big-picture person anyways and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind, but I mind.

I wonder when it got this bad? It really really sucks! I’m losing sight of what’s really important to create content for Instagram. That’s hella redick. I know it’s my job to be a content creator, but what’s important is capturing the important memories with your loved ones.

The pictures featured in this post were from a shoot I had Eric do. There is no way in hell he wanted to do this photoshoot but I’m glad we finally have pictures of us together.​

I asked Eric to get on my case about this. I told him I know he hates taking pictures together, but I need him to remind me it’s not just about the gram. A girlfriend also suggested that when I go on vacation I hire a photographer. Book a photographer one morning before Eric’s even awake to knock out all my pictures for the trip. This way we can both just chill and relax.

Hopefully, these baby steps will hold up. I need to do better, I can do better.​ it’s my goal to take the “I” out of influencer.

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