10 Years Later

After Eric and I got engaged the website “How He Asked” reached out to learn all about our romantic love story and how he proposed. I kinda laughed when they reached out and I responded back saying, I’m not your girl. This is not the love story you want to share. So, here we are and I’m gonna share it with you.

I met Eric briefly through a friend super causally at a bar pre-gaming before the Giants baseball game. Hi hi nice to meet you, k bye. Not to sound like a total dick, but I didn’t remember his name or even what he looked like. I know I’m a jerk, flash forward 9 months later and we met again. 

San Francisco is very limited to the wild and fun weekends they have. The event weekend of the season was always Oysterfest at Fort Mason and Bay to Breakers. If you’re from SF and are reading this I bet you’re nodding your head yes, I understand. 4208_737064215274_2541696_n

The beginning

It was a gorgeous day in San Francisco for Oysterfest and I went with my newly single girlfriend to get shitty and have some fun in the sun. Since she was newly single we were on a mission to makeout with strangers. That’s right, makeout with strangers. After awhile she comes back and says, “it’s really hard to make out with strangers.” I laughed and said, “let me show you how it’s done.” 

I see Eric from across the grass, just some random dude over there with no shirt on trying to get a tan and I walk up to him, tap him on the shoulder, and ask him to take his sunglasses off. He stood there confused wondering why and I said, “I’m trying to decide if I want to make out with you.” He takes off his glasses I said okay and just like that we start making out. Everyone was wondering WTF, who is this chick. I smile and say, “okay see ya later.”

Next up Bay to Breakers aka Christmas morning. Bay to Breakers always was the best day of the year. For those who don’t know what it is Bay to Breakers is well, it’s a marathon and for the degenerates out there it’s an excuse to dress up in costume, drink openly in public, and get shitfaced. 


The camping trip that brought it all together


He asked me to be his girlfriend the next day


Our first vacation together

Eric and I randomly ended up at the same pre-game and I was shocked, this kid again. The day goes on and I’m toasted. I end up seeing him at none other than Bar None and we just start going to town. We were making PDA great again. 

It’s like there was no one else around cause we just went into a full makeout sess. You always hear people say dance like no ones watching, well makeout like no ones watching. I remember my first thought, holy shit this guy is a good kisser. Once we were finished making a scene in Bar None, we took it to the streets, and then we took it home. 

1233583_10152796568293151_7255522365037488954_nThe day he popped the question11951255_10153567133783151_5823333427548105393_n
Bye SF, Hello NYC

Let’s just fast forward again in the event our moms are reading this cause I’m sure y’all can paint the picture that we hooked up. That Tuesday we were suppose to go on a date…you know to feel classy from all our shame, but Eric ended up canceling our date. Yup, I got straight big leagued. It’s okay, that’s why they call it a one night stand. 

So, how’d it all come full circle? Two weeks later for Memorial Day Weekend we ended up on the same camping trip. A mutual friend of ours was the mastermind behind this whole plan to get us back together and we carpooled up together. At the beginning of the trip we were two awkward people in the backseat. We ended up sharing a tent that weekend and spent the whole week together. By the end of the trip and on the way home we were cupcaking in the back seat. Looks like we found our match and the rest was history.


Our engagement photos

When “How He Asked” reached out and asked for our love story I told them I’m not your girl. I sugar coated the story and they still wanted it. The moral of this story is there is no right or wrong way to find  your person. A drunken make out with a stranger can lead to forever. A one night stand might not just last one night. A dive bar can bring people together. Either way you spin it this is our unconventional story and thank you for being apart of it.

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