The Perfect Summer Dress

Nothing is better than when you find the perfect summer dress. I was shopping online at Forever 21 cause you know there is no way in “H” I’m going into the store when I found this perfect summer linen midi dress. 

The fit, quality, and comfort is so incredible. Some people always complain about how they have trouble finding quality clothing from Forever 21, but nope not me. I always discover the best finds that last me for years. This dress is hands down one of those finds. 

This light linen midi dress is so incredibly comfortable in that summer heat and can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s super flattering cause it’s not too tight or too loose. Also provides the perfect amount of cleavage and you can’t go wrong there. 

This linen midi dress, my Asos wooden bag, and Nordstrom heels have been the best purchases all summer long. If you buy any heels you HAVE to buy these heels. They are literally the perfect shoe. Comfort and style and only $60. Plus, you can’t go wrong when this entire outfit is under $150 keeping you Trendy Not Spendy!

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