Jenna in Jumpsuits: Mulberry & Grand

I’m starting to wonder if I have a thing for striped jumpsuits. Is there a reason why they make so many jumpsuits with stripes? Does it make you look slimmer? Is it symmetrical with the pants? Who really knows, but I love them. Here I am back at it with another Jenna in Jumpsuits addition. This time with Mulberry and Grand.

This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own when I say I’m currently crushing on Mulberry and Grand. This adorable boutique is right around the corner from my apartment and it has a ton of accessories and a small selection of adorable clothes. Also, my new favorite spot to get a jumpsuit. At this point I pretty much buy everything that’s in the window. I’ve now come to know the staff and the sweet girl who works there, Ashley kills it on the window displays. I pretty much get everything I see in the window.

It was no surprise when I saw this striped jumpsuit in the window I knew I had to have it. I love the light weight material that will be perfect for when it warms up in summer. The open back and low cut front is the perfect combo that is great for day and night. I’m not going to lie because I was a little nervous about the whole bra situation cause you basically can’t wear a bra. You’d definitely need a sticky bra and that did the trick for me! It wasn’t pushing up the gals, but luckily the stripes didn’t make it look too saggy. This is a perfect jumpsuit for a smaller chested girl. The peek of the tummy is adorable and the high slits on the pants give the jumper a little something extra.

I’m on a shopping hold at the moment, but I’m sure when Ashley changes up the window display at Mulberry and Grand on Bleecker I’ll be sucked back in. Stay tuned for more Jenna and Jumpsuits from Mulberry and Grand because this isn’t the only one I got. If you haven’t been to their store you have to stop by! They have three locations in New York City and each one is very unique and super adorable. Happy Sunday everyone and I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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