Broken Resolutions

Wow I didn’t even make it 4 months before I broke my New Years resolutions. I set three personal goals, five blog goals, and three family goals and so far I have dropped the ball on two New Years Resolutions.

Some of you may have noticed my blog hasn’t been getting any love lately. I am well aware that I have been neglecting it big time. As an influencer/blogger I know the importance of keeping it up and not only did I break my New Years resolution, I just simply dropped the ball. So, what the hell have I been doing all month?

I started my job at Winky Lux end of January and so far I’m loving it. It’s awesome to work for a company where I truly love and believe in the product. I was hired on as their Social Media Manager specializing in Influencer Events and Partnerships. Which means I spend every moment of my day on my cell phone or emailing with bloggers. Don’t get me wrong it’s totally fine, but it has changed my mood and mind set as a blogger.

I am on my cell phone now all day long. Stories, DM’s, posts, etc. It’s a lot when it’s constantly on repeat. Then I’m emailing with influencers all day as well. So, when I get home the last thing I want to do is jump back on my phone and keep up with my own Instagram, respond to brands, or write a blog post. It was different when I was working in HR because my blog was a nice little break from that.It’s really kind of sad because I love my blog and I feel like my mood has completely shifted. My goal is try and find that happy medium because I love Trendy Not Spendy and I want it to get the attention is deserves and I want to expand my brand.

The second resolution that I crashed and burned on is the gym 3x a week. I know so so sad. I would confidentially say I usually make it 3x a week, but not consistently. I’ve normally worked out at lunch at my last job and here I haven’t been able to. But, shit summer is around the corner so I better up that 3x to 4x or 5x a week.

I think May will be my month. I’m going to find a balanced schedule and better mindset to make sure I succeed both at work and on my blog. If any of you reading this post and have found yourself in the same place I would love your advice on how you have overcome similar situations. Until then…stay tuned for more on Trendy Not Spendy.

Photography by Laurel Creative

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