Why I Dislike Valentines Day

I don’t really “hate” Valentine’s Day, it’s just not my favorite holiday. I’m sure this post is going to make me sound like a huge pessimist, but hey you can’t be sparkles and sunshine all the time. I know a few people may even think, “what does she have to bitch about? She’s married.” Also true, but I’m going to share with you three reasons why I dislike Valentine’s Day.

  1. Valentine’s Day is a holiday when your significant other (SO) steps up to the romance plate. Along with your birthday, Christmas, or any anniversary that’s when your SO decides to be turn up the romance and thoughtfulness. I can’t speak for everyone, but in my opinion how your SO treats you on Valentine’s Day is how he should treat you year round. No I’m not saying he has to buy you chocolates and roses everyday, but a romantic gesture here and there would be great. I’m all about the “just cause” gestures. What’s that? It’s the, I bought you flowers…just cause. How you are treated on February 14th is how you should be treated the other 364 days in the year.
  2. Shit expensive and overpriced. It bugs me how restaurants jack up the prices on the menu just for this one day. It’s also insanely hard to get a reservation and the stress of booking a month out is annoying. Restaurants aren’t the only place jacking up prices, flower shops too. I tell my husband every year not to waste his money on roses. It’s absurd how much a bouquet can cost and it’s not worth it. I mean they’re just going to die a couple days later.
  3. I don’t like a celebrating a day that makes others feel bad about themselves. When I was single I hated Valentine’s Day. Having to sit back and watch all these romantic gestures happening around me and I was all alone. I also find it extremely obnoxious how people choose to publicize it all over social media. Like oh look at me, look at me, look what I got. Yeah yeah we get it.

See that wasn’t so bad. I wasn’t a total Negative Nancy. I think part of the reason why I dislike the holiday is why most people may as well, it’s all common sense reasons really.

I did an interview yesterday at the Into App event at the Arlo Hotel and I had to share my worst Valentines Day experience and I really couldn’t pinpoint one good or bad experience from the holiday. When I thought about the good Valentines Day I instantly thought of my Mom.

Every year for Valentines Day my Mom goes out of her way to do the sweetest things for my sister and I. She always makes these really great packages and boxes with all our favorite things and our favorite candies. One year she brought a basket to my work attached with balloons. She filled the basket with all my favorite things. She even threw in handmade chocolate covered roses sprinkled with bacon and chocolate covered bacon. For anyone that knows me I lovvvvve bacon.

Another year my Mom delivered roses to my work, but they weren’t just any roses they were bacon roses. Below is a picture of the roses she made out of bacon (don’t mind the photo, it was hit with a heavy lo-fi Insta filter). The entire office smelled like bacon. It was glorious. I told you I love bacon.

I’m not sure what Eric and I are doing for Valentines Day this year. I am more than happy sitting on the couch, watching a movie, and ordering Prince Street Pizza.

I do sincerely wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! No matter if you’re single, have a boyfriend, or married I hope you have the best day. I hope someone today makes you feel special and whether that’s your husband, a friend, or even your Mom you deserve to feel loved.

Happy Valentines Day!

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