Fab In Faux

What can I say, I have a thing for faux fur. This is now my 4th coat in the faux fur collection and it’s one of my favs. I’d honestly probably have more, but there is literally no more room left in my closet or on our coat racks. I’ve even started folding my coats and sticking them on the highest shelves in my closet. Who does that? Who folds coats? Well, I do….the girl with zero room left to hang stuff.

I got my first faux fur coat for Christmas three years ago from Eric and I absolutely loved it. I decided that every Christmas I’d add a new faux fur coat to the collection. In fact I got two faux fur coats this year. This silver, black, and white coat has been on my radar for about a year. Luckily Sheinside rarely sells out and when they do they’ll always restock. I’ve begun a wonderful partnership with Shein and they sent me this coat in the beginning of December. It is incredible and surprisingly really warm. I wore this on a cold snowy day in NYC with a temp of 38* and I felt fine. It has latch hooks to close the entire coat. I would suggest to size up because I got a small and it’s a bit snug on the arms. After stalking the coat online for a year and reviewing the style gallery pics (super helpful feature on Shein) I was sold!

To keep the collection going Eric’s sister got me a stunning faux fur coat from H&M for Christmas. It’s a blueish/dark gray and then when the sunlight hits it the coat has a touch of purple hues. Every time I wear the coat I’m still trying to figure out what the hell the color is. Either way, it goes with everything and I love it. To top it off underneath the sleeves are long suede strips to give the jacket a little something extra. I got a size 6 and it fits perfectly. This coat is also crazy warm because I survived in 20* weather wearing it. I’m heading out to shoot it tomorrow and will be showcasing it next week on my social and the blog.

It’s always nice to switch up your coats each year and showcase something new. If you’re looking to add more faux fur coats to your collection too I’ve got you covered. Below I’ve rounded up the best faux fur coats for under $150 and each coat will not only keep you warm, but it will keep you Trendy Not Spendy!

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