Jenna in Jumpsuits: The Holiday Red

Tis the season for all things red! The holiday season is off to a speedy start and the holiday parties are in full swing. When you think of those holiday parties you think about what the heck you’re going to wear. Will it be red, green, gold, silver, or white. All the festive colors with so many choices. In the past I’ve always defaulted to a fun holiday cocktail dress, but somewhere along the way I kind of got bored with the same old same old. This year I’m all about the festive holiday jumpsuit. Hell why not be different and stand out with a jumper or romper.

I snagged this incredible (can be worn 3 ways) jumpsuit from Sheinside last month. Of course it sold out, but if I know Shein they are on top of their restock game better than any other site I know. I didn’t want to get you all excited and leave you guys hanging to I did the shopping for you. I’ve rounded up 20 of my favorite red jumpsuits all for under $100 keeing you Trendy Not Spendy. Switch is up this holiday season and leave your cocktail dresses in the closet like me. Stay tuned for more Jenna in Jumpsuits!

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