7 things that Paris does better than NYC

Au revoir Paris! I hadn’t been back to Paris in 10 years. This time I went for 12 days and was able to get a whole new perspective on the city of light. It’s safe to say I LOVE Paris. Don’t get me wrong NYC is still my #1, but there are some things that Paris just does better.

Paris is Cleaner

SO much cleaner. There is no litter in the streets or bags of trash piled up on the sidewalks. We were staying in a very nice area, but I rarely saw homeless people. A few people begging here and there, but no one set up beds or homes on the street like they do in NYC or SF.

Outdoor Dining

Bravo Paris bravo. I didn’t think anyone could beat the outdoor dining in NYC. Paris crushes outdoor dining for a few reasons. Paris is on top of the outdoor heating sitch. Granted it doesn’t get as cold as NYC, but it was low 40s at night and we were’nt cold at all because there are tons of heating lamps. The chairs are absolutely adorable. Cute, comfortable, and picture worthy. You can sit outside and just order a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. In NYC the outside seats are reserved for dining. Seating is first come first served so you can just seat yourself and not wait for a hostess. Crazy right? You just sit down and the waiter will bring you menus. Some places even had a glass area on the outside, so you think you’re outdoors but you’re completely covered.

Eiffel Tower trumps Empire State

I don’t know what it is….it’s just so dreamy. Well, the twinkling lights every hour doesn’t hurt either. Everytime I turned the corner I gasped because the Eiffel Tower is just so breathtaking. Don’t forget I worked in the Empire State Building and that says a lot.

Not as Crowded

It’s nice to get where you want to go without saying excuse or needing to throw the occasional elbow. There are only tourists by the popular landmarks and not everywhere on the street. In our neighborhood it is a cluster F every day of the week.

Walking Not Rushing

Just like NYC, Paris is a walking city. People enjoy walking and not always rushing to get somewhere. When I was there I said people walk like a feather floats down from the sky. Ever so gracefully, swaying from side to side, and slowly.

Fancy AF

Carrie Bradshaw made fashion in Sex and the City look spectacular! But, unless it’s New York Fashion Week you rarely see women making a statement that will turn heads. I couldn’t figure out what it was about these Parisian women. Maybe it was the real fur, leather leggings, expensive bags, and all black. Even their causal looks made my best outfit look like shit.

The Romance 

Paris is so romantic! I walk around the West Village everyday, but Paris is on another level. Even as a married woman I want to fall in love in Paris.

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