Monday Matchup

Last night I was browsing on Asos when I came across a tote bag almost identical to a bag I currently own. However, the tote on Asos is wayy cheaper than what I bought my bag for. I purchased this Avalon Tote when I worked for Stella & Dot. Luckily, I got the Avalon for half off because I was a Stylist. My Avalon Tote has been the ultimate travel and beach bag. it really is an amazing bag. I carry it with me everywhere I go in Spring and Summer. This bag can we found on the Stella & Dot site for $148.

However, I came across the same damn bag last night in light rose. Such a solid find on Asos. You can snag the Nali Laser Cut Out Beach Bag on Asos for $51. If you don’t mind the color difference you can definitely save a buck with this bag. I’m so excited I could share this Monday Matchup with you guys. Am I mad I paid more? Meh maybe, a little. But, it doesn’t mean you have to. You can be Trendy Not Spendy with this Nali tote.  

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