Okay okay I’ll share my secret to where I got this UGHmazing jacket. I’ve been raving about it for weeks and I thought it was time to spill the deets. Two girlfriends of mine teamed up with StyleLend to throw a fabulous New York Fashion Week kick off party.  StyleLend is a place to lend and rent designer clothes and accessories. Essentially, it’s one giant designer closet. As you already know I’m not a huge labels and designer gal. Do I get all googly eyed over a Chanel or YSL bag? Absolutely! But, I can never justify spending the money. With StyleLend you don’t have to. Why buy it, when you can borrow it. You can borrow any of the items on the site and not have to worry about buyers remorse.

Now…how it works. Below are the quick and easy steps to borrowing clothes with StyleLend.

  • Head over to the StyleLend site or download the app.
  • Shops all the amazing clothes. Obvi, I recommend this Alice + Olivia jacket.
  • They are currently only in NY. Sorry West Coasters.
  • Select the dates you want to rent your items. You have 7 days so be strategic.
  • Worried it won’t fit? Don’t be, they’ll swap out sizes for you.
  • Get the $5.00 insurance. 5 bucks for peace of mind is worth it.
  • Lastly, schedule a pickup.

This is my favorite part about StyleLend. That’s right, the clothes come to you. Someone from the StyleLend team will drop the item off and pick up from any address you like. Shopping made easy. 
I needed something fabulous to wear for Fashion Week. When I saw this lavish Alice + Olivia jacket twinkling from across the room and I knew I needed to rent it. The sequined embroidery decking this glittering jacket in charming butterflies, birds and blooms is spectacular. This stunning Alice + Olivia jacket is normally $697 and you can rent it for $75. Now that’s Trendy Not Spendy!   

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