Prom Girl or Wedding Guest?

Welp one wedding down and six more to go. Crazy, I know. My goal for the year is to try and NOT buy any new dresses to wear as wedding guest. I think it might be time to start borrowing dresses or rewear. However, when this invitation came in the mail it said formal attire. My first thought…ugh, shit. I don’t own a formal dress. After months of looking I thought about the last time I wore a formal dress and that was senior prom.  I loved my prom dress too. So, I took a chance and headed over to Lol, no joke.

32 going on 18. I must say Prom Girl really does have a fantastic website. You can search by occasion, length, color, and price. They even have a section to search “wedding guest” dresses. Done! There it was in my length, color, and price. I found my formal dress for the Scottsdale wedding. Who would have thought Prom Girl. Lol.

This dress was fabulous. Amazing quality and fits like a dream. As I get older I struggle with finding the appropriate fit. You want tight, but not show every imperfection through the spandex tight. It fell perfectly. You obviously couldn’t wear a bra with this dress so a regular sticky bra did the trick. The back was incredible. So many compliments. It was sexy and classy.

I highly recommend this dress and shopping at Prom Girl. Dresses can range from $30-$350. I snagged this Long burgundy red lace open back dress for $75. It was originally $99 but I googled Prom Girl coupon and snagged a 25% off discount code. I’ve been a proud customer for quite sometime. Trust me. Don’t knock it til you try it.

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