Sexy, Not Slutty Halloween Costumes

Halloween is approaching us so don’t catch yourselves unprepared this year. Each year women tend to panic on what to be for Halloween. As kids it was easy, our parents dressed us. In college you try to put together the sluttiest costumes you could find. Sorry Mom!

As we get older we try to find those age appropriate costumes. Below are some of my TNS Halloween favorites  that are sexy, not slutty. Who says you have to be have naked to look fabulous.

  • I’m really loving this Sexy Señorita. My Mexican side is being biased.
  • One of my favorite movies of all time is A League of Their Own, so who wouldn’t want to be an original Rockford Peach. This is a great costume to wear with a group of girlfriends. Why not make your own baseball team.
  • I’m not usually into Super Hero costumes cause they are kind of played out but, how sexy is this Spider “Wo”man?
  • I love Bacon! The End
  • It’s just too cute. I’m really loving how fun this Cupcake Cutie is.
  • Indian or Tiger Lily? No clue but both are hot. This is a good item to pair with your guy. Make him dress up like Peter Pan and you’ve got yourself a Tiger Lily costume or he can go as a cowboy and you’re now playing Cowboys and Indians!
  • Ahhh Belle. My favorite Disney movie of all time.
  • Merica! Everyone will be pledging a legence in your honor Halloween night. This might be a costume you can pull of around 4th of July too.

Well, there you have it. My favorite Sexy Not Slutty Halloween Favorites this year. Best part…all these costumes are under $75! Now that’s Trendy Not Spendy.

Trick or Treat,


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