Lace Off

Do you ever scroll through Instagram or browse along different fashion blogs and wonder where do they get that? How much does it cost? Great sites like LiketoKnow  allow you to simply double tap an Instagram photo and bam you get an email on where you can buy what you see in the picture. The downfall begins when you click the item in the email to realize that clothing or accessory item you want is expensive as shit!

Don’t let the price get you down. I’ve been double tapping on those gosh darn adorable Aquazzura Christy Lace Flats for a good three months. Sadly, I can’t/won’t shell out $675 (insert wide eyed emoji) on lace up flats. With that said, I made it my mission to find a similar and just as amazing pair of lace-up flats. Luckily, I was able to find a great pair from TopShop for just $45. The best part is not just the price, the best part is that the shoes come in red, black, and leopard. You can be Trendy Not Spendy with these Finest Ghillie Lace-Up Flats too.


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