Let’s Get High and Waisted

Let’s get High and Waisted! jk jk. But, seriously people let’s talk about them high waisted bikinis.

We all know the struggle is real when that first day of Spring hits. We all turn on panic mode and try to get in shape for summer. Sometimes you make it to that goal weight and other times you don’t and then eat your feelings. I applaud those who made it. For those who don’t feel comfortable get a high waisted bikini.

Not only are high waisted bikini bottoms adorable and trendy they are also a confidence booster. The best part about going high waisted is not having to worry about a muffin top and a fupa (ya I said it). So, in the event that you aren’t bikini ready then follow the trend and buy a bikini with a little more coverage.

I purchased my first high waisted bikini this summer from Lulus. Lets be honest, I’m not getting and younger and purchasing something with a little more coverage made me feel much better strutting around the pool. The poolside black bikini below was so sassy and more importantly it was only $35! Yes, $35. Thanks Lulus for keeping me Trendy Not Spendy.

 Below is a list of my favorite high waisted bikini bottoms for under $100. Summer’s not over ladies! If you aren’t feeling to hot to trot get High and Waisted
Where to grab these fabulous suits is right here! Starting top left down to the bottom right.

Motel Flux Bikini | Tallow Gallery Ocean Park Crop Bikini | Green Palm Tree Swimsuit | Double Scallop Trim Suit | Palm Leaves Top and Bottom | White Midkini Frilling Beach Bra Top and Graphic High Print Bottoms | Barcelona Aztec Bikini | Poolside Black Bikini

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