Charming Charlie

YAY! Summer in finally here!

What’s not to love about summer time? Hot days that roll into warm nights, sundresses, and everything kissed with bright colors. A girlfriend of mine recently introduced me to this adorable store called Charming Charlie and charming it is. Charming Charlie (CC) is a well know chain that has just made it’s way it New York City. Lucky me.

A fun fact that many may not know about me is that I organize all my clothes in alphabetical order by color in my closet. Best part about CC is they organize EVERYTHING in the store by color. It’s genius and the best way to navigate through any store. Not only is the store color coordinated so is their online shopping. Click here to check it out!

You walk in the store to a bright table of all teal. Teal shirts, purses, jewelry, accessories, etc. The sky is the limit in every color. My favorite was their lemon lime section. Everything was yellow, orange, and green. The perfect match for summer time. Upstairs is basics with black and white. This store really does have something for everyone.

But wait…I didn’t even get to the best part! Everything in the store is under $50. No joke. I didn’t feel too bad when I walked away with some sandals, an iPhone case, a bracelet, and a scarf for under $50. And come on how cute is this case?

I would highly recommend shopping CC under the homes and gifts section. They have cute gifts that are perfect for a friends birthday, travel, or even bridesmaids gifts. They are having their Semi Annual Sale as we speak. Buy one and get one 50% off. Pop into the store or shop online either way you’ll be Trendy Not Spendy!

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