Snakeskin Bodysuit FTW

Do you ever purchase a piece of clothing and just wear it over and over again? That would be this snakeskin bodysuit I got from Sheinside this Christmas for $7 (yes $7!). I’ve always been a little nervous to wear a bodysuit. I’m just so scared that it will show every imperfection because it’s so tight. Luckily this bodysuit fits just right. Hmm…I just sounded like Goldilocks right there.
The pros of this bodysuit are simple…it is pretty decent quality for the cheap ass price, love me the low cut cleavage, and the bell sleeves make it oh so fun. The one and only con about this suit is that it’s all not one solid color or pattern. It’s black on the bottom and snakeskin on the top. So, with that said this body suit can only really work with high waisted black jeans like the pair in this post or with a high waisted skirt. I feel like that didn’t really sell this bodysuit, but I promise it’s worth the buy. Plus it’s only $7! It’s basically a Venti coffee from Starbucks.
I’d highly recommend peeping Sheins website though because if you’re not a fan of this snakeskin body suit they have a lot more and most are under $30 keeping you Trendy Not Spendy.


Snakeskin Bodysuit / High Waist Denim Jeans



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