The Summer of Sets

Welp Summer is officially coming to and end and I may need to hang up some of those two piece looks I loved so much. I went hard on the two piece outfits this year because if all goes well I won’t be able to wear any next year. I think you all know what that means. 😉

This fab two piece look has been in the window at Mulberry and Grand just mocking me for awhile. With that said I knew I had to have it. With the perfect color and pattern it is also a great look to transition into Fall. Anytime I buy a two piece outfit I think, can I wear this more ways than just as a set? These pants would look perf with most tops and any pair of shoes. The top would totally work with my high waisted denim flares.

If you couldn’t tell already from my summer wardrobe I’m all about the two pieces sets. A few pro tips when shopping for sets: find something versatile that can work in any season, can be worn together, and also worn separately. I swooped this set at Mulberry and Grand for $60 keeping you Trendy Not Spendy.


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