Charleston Getaway

We took a extended weekend getaway to Charleston last month and it’s safe to say we fell in love. I’m already looking forward to my next visit. Charleston is an adorable city with so much to do and explore. We were so fortunate that some friends of ours have a house on Daniel Island in Charleston and were able to visit for the first time. Part of the reason why we decided to go down there in the first place was because we were able to find round trip flights from NYC for $335 for both of us! I was shocked!  We packed so much in for a short period of time that I feel like we really got to see a lot of what Charleston has to offer. I’m going to keep it quick and dirty for you guys and summarize my must haves when in Charleston. 

The Beaches

Sullivan’s Island Beach – We came here on the first day. Imagine walking down a long wooden walkway, like the kind you see in the movies to make it to this quiet beach. It’s good for families, great for playing games, relaxing, and even for the heavy drinkers that want to avoid beach police. 

Folly Beach – Now this is a must do in Charleston. There is a lot of action in this little town. Cute restaurants and rooftop bars that lead to a super fun beach with cozy beach chairs and umbrellas. There are also some fun beach bars right off the sand for a quick cocktail break in between tanning. 

Isle of Palm – I feel like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears when I say, this beach for us was just right. Isle of Palm was the perfect middle ground between Sullivan’s and Folly Beach. A busy, but not too packed crowd and cute beach bars to pop into for some drinks and a basket of shrimp. 


Our party planner for the weekend totally killed it on spots to eat. She found amazing places, with great food recommendations, and even made sure they were cute too. I mean, gotta get dem pics, right?

The Obstinate Daughter – Just a few blocks away from Sullivan’s Island Beach. This super yummy Italian spot is good for their pizzas and cocktails. The prices are great and the decor is on point. Share a pie with a friend and then hit the beach. If you do grab a pie to share I’d say your good with anything, but wouldn’t recommend The Rutledge. Unless your a ricotta pie kinda person than go for it.   

La Farfelle – Again… UGHdorable. If it’s not insanely hot I’d also recommend sitting outside. The trees are covered in twinkly lights and it’s beautiful. We went full hungry beast at this place and decided to order half the menu. Three of us girls ordered four pastas (don’t judge us). We got the Cacio Pepe, crab pasta, and the Fideos which is a seafood angel hair pasta. Everyone at the table tried the angel hair pasta and it won first place hands down. That pasta was stupid good. Crab was good as well and the Cacio e Pepe I’d totes pass on . All the apps and sides were great. I highly recommend La Farfelle for both the food, service, and decor. 

Leon’s Oyster Shop– Number one for sure. Ugh I loved Leon’s. First off… it’s hella cute. I went cause when I searched “Most Instagrammable Spots in Charleston,” Leon’s popped up so I wanted to go their to get some cute pics. Sadly, we got there too late and the sun had gone down, BUT the food OMG…bomb! I’m pretty confident there is not a bad thing on the menu. I’d highly recommend the oysters, hush puppies, and fried chicken (hot sauce on the side if you’re a wuss like me). You can’t go to Charleston without going to Leon’s!

Taco Boy– Down by Folly Beach is this super sweet little strip of bars and restaurants. Just a couple blocks from the beach is this bomb ass place called Taco Boy. I’m a taco snob being from California and this place was pretty damn comparable. Some recommendations on tacos would def be the Kiminchi Beef taco and the Taco Americano. The chicken was decent and I was a little underwhelmed with the carne asada tacos personally. My gf highly recommends the Tempura Avocado taco. I don’t think you can really go wrong with anything you order. Warning in advance, their ghost sauce is deadly. Consume at your own risk. 

Other restaurants we were unable to make it to (next time!) are listed below. I hear they are suppose to be incredible and if you end up reading this and checking one of these places out please let me know how it is.


Hall Chophouse

Bakehouse Bakery and Cafe

Cocktail Clubhouse



Well I don’t drink or go to bars. Lol ya right. Bar hopping is my favorite pass time. Here are a few places I’d recommend.

492– This bar/restaurant has a pretty sweet outdoor patio. Perfect for enjoying the warm weather under some bistro lights with friends. Outdoor fans are included, so it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Stars Rooftop A perfect spot for a girls night, bach/bachelorette party, and even with couple. This place has a good crowd if you’re looking for fun night out. Lots of young and attractive people here so ya can’t go wrong. 

82 Queen – We came here for dinner and loved it. Super old school restaurant with lots of southern charm. I’ve never been to New Orleans, but I image this is what most of the restaurants would look like. Though the food was great I’d honestly lean towards sitting outside on the perfect pink patio for a specialty cocktail or two. 



I’ve covered some of the most important recommendations in a Charleston. When we travel we care mostly about the beaches, bars, and food. One exciting piece of Charleston we got to see was Rainbow Row. Exactly what it sounds like, it is. A row of colorful houses all full of charm. Rainbow Row is one sight you can’t miss. 

I’d absolutely love to go back to Charleston and explore more. It’d be fun to take a car and just drive. I hear the plantations are amazing and it’d be great to discover more of South Carolina’s history. 

Whether you’re coming from NYC or anywhere on the East Coast really I highly recommend Charleston. It’s one place you def don’t wanna miss. 


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