Where to get FREE wine in NYC

You had me at free wine! I mean y’all know I’m Trendy Not Spendy. When we moved into our West Village apartment I was stoked to have a wine shop right across the street. No apartment should ever go wineless. I was even more excited when I noticed they started carrying $8 wine and do free wine tastings on Wednesdays.

If you love wine tasting like I do then take a look at the list below. Below are a few wine shops that have free wine tastings! Who doesn’t like free wine?


Jones Street Wine

I think we really lucked out when we moved across the street from this wine shop. On Wednesday nights from 7p-9p Jones Street Wines does a free wine tasting. Sign up for their mailing list to get emails the night before to see what they’re serving. If you come for the tasting and decided to go home with some bottles they also do same day delivery in NYC!


Astor Wine and Spirits

This store has EVERYTHING. It’s like a boozy babes heaven. They serve weekly tastings and every now and then throw in a free scotch tasting. This is another place that does free delivery in Manhattan. It’s tempting not to buy wine when they’ll take it home for you. Wine gets heavy after all.


Bottlerocket NY

Oh it doesn’t just stop at free wine tastings. Every now and then Bottlerocket will throw in free gin, vodka, and whiskey tastings. Umm….hell yah! Each week they have free wine tastings and then throw in a bonus spirit tasting. Check out their events section on their website to get all the info.


Noho Wine and Spirits

Free delivery and free wine tasting. Sayyy what! Noho Wine and Spirits has free wine tastings everyday and if you decided to buy a bottle or two or the whole case not to worry because they have free deliveries for those in Manhattan.


Amsterdam Wine Co.

A true Trendy Not Spendy selection here at Amsterdam Wine Co. They have a large selection of wine for under $25 and on Friday nights they do free wine tastings. Catch you in the bargain aisle.



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