My 4 Favorite Apps for Editing Photos


Yup, that’s right I Facetune! Sometimes when shooting you just have an off day and Facetune will make it better. Facetune for me is confidence in an app. If my arm looks like a chicken drumstick I refine it, if my crows feet around my eyes show I smooth it out, and I should prob just get crest white strips instead of whitening my teeth in the app. It’s not just about me though, I brighten and darken the pictures, add details, and much more. If you haven’t tried it you really should. I have friends send me pics to help them look better. It’s kinda like Nip Tuck, “tell me what you don’t like about yourself”. In a nutshell, that’s Facetune.


VSCO is mah baby. I don’t know what I’d do without VSCO. One time my VSCO app crashed due to phone issues and I pretty much freaked out. Lol so sad, but true. I use VSCO to apply filters to my photos. In fact I have one set filter that I created on my own and I copy and paste it to every picture to have the same aesthetic on all my photos. I’m not in love with my aesthetic 100% but I can still play around with it a little here and there.


As a blogger we want our feeds to look perfect. I’m not sure if you guys have noticed, but I have a pattern to my feed. My pattern is me>filler>me>filler. Or it was until I changed it 9 pictures ago and I was able to do that with Snug. Using Snug it helps me create the perfect layout by moving my pictures around to find the best fit on the feed. Every blogger should be using this app or a similar one.



Oh boy, this is a new one and I’m already obsessed. A travel blogger named Christi posted about the Retouch app in one of her Instagram stories and after seeing her before and after pictures I knew I needed the app. With Retouch you can remove anything in the picture you don’t want in the photo. You simply draw over the object you want removed, click go, and bam it’s gone. I use it a lot for trash on the street, annoying orange cones from construction, street signs, etc. It’s even funny I was able to Retouch a ton of overly confident people wearing tiny banana hammocks in Italy off the beach. Buh bye!

I hope you all enjoy downloading these apps as much as I do. Not all of them are free, but I promise they are all worth it. If you have any apps you think I should try please let me know. I’m always looking to step of my game. Have fun y’all!



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