Squaring is Caring

Sharing is caring with the Square Cash app! The holiday season is here and the best way to survive is with a user friendly app that allows you to send money for free to friends and family through Square Cash.

In our household we aim to get the tree up by December 1st. Christmas trees in NYC are not cheap. For a tree less than 6″ tall you’re looking at spending $70. Luckily, with the Square Cash app you can easily split the cost of the tree by sending money through the app.


Tis the season for cozy brunches, holiday cocktails, and dinner with your loved ones. In big groups paying for the bill can always be such a hassle. I was a waitress before and nothing annoyed me more as a server to split the bill more than four ways. We have a pretty large group of friends and I can’t stand it when we throw ten credit cards on the bill to split. With Square Cash splitting the bill has never been easier. One person can put their card in and the rest of the group transfer money right then. These days everyone can earn points on their credit cards so we play Square Cash Roulette to see who the lucky person is to throw their card in and earn the points.


Having drinks with friends is so much easier with Square Cash! You don’t need to worry who has to buy this round or next because you can send cash instantly. Even if it is only $8.50 on hot cocoa (gotta love them NY prices). As quick as it is for them to charge your card at the bar is how fast it is deposited into your bank account.


On days when I meet up with another blogger babe I’m always running late to shoot and leave my wallet behind. After wrapping up shooting we always like to get a cup of coffee at our neighborhood cafe and it’s easy to pay her back when it only takes a couple clicks on an app.



My parents have gotten to the point where they don’t want to spend all their time hitting the mall or shopping online and now I get “cash” for Christmas. They don’t want me sitting there on Christmas morning without anything to open so I buy my Christmas presents myself and my parents send me money via Square Cash. I know my Mom would kill be writing this and putting her on blast. Sorry Mom! But, seriously I’ll request money soon. Haha.

Square Cash isn’t just for the holiday season. It helps you get through all kinds of events all year round. Square Cash is perfect for transferring money to each other for bachelorette parties, vacations, dinner with friends, household expenses, etc. You can pay your friends instantly, and cash out to your bank for free.


We’re all familiar with the Paypal’s and Venmo’s of the world but it wasn’t until I recently starting using the Square Cash app that I found out how easy money sharing could be. Why Square Cash? One of my favorite features of Square Cash is that payments can deposit within seconds to your bank account and it will only take 1% of the deposit amount. Or for free you can wait 1-2 business days for the deposit to hit your account. To learn more about the app check out https://cash.meI hope you enjoy this app as much as I do, squaring is caring after all!



Thank you to our friends at Square Cash for sponsoring this post and making our lives easier with an amazing cash sharing app!

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