Wedding Wear

So many weddings you guys. Insert the monkey emoji with his hands over his eyes. People have been asking why I haven’t been blogging more and it’s simple… I’m busy attending a wedding or planning a wedding. Two more for the year and then it’s all about the R&R. I can catch up on the blog and focus on all things TNS! But, until then gotta figure out those wedding dress outfits. I get asked quite often on where are the best places to get cute dresses for a wedding. I typically default to Lulus. It’s a safe bet that no one will have the same dress and most Lulus dresses are sexy classy. When shopping on Lulus you can actually shop by “wedding guest” then short by color, type, and size. Dress shopping made super easy. I personally love their shop by color feature. I feel like as women we always go into events knowing what color we want to wear and this allows us to shop quickly.

The last wedding I went to was just a few weeks ago and I wanted to switch it up a bit and find a new store to find wedding guest dresses from. Then there was Asos. Ugh boy…I opened Pandoras box. Not only did I buy 4 amazing dresses, I signed up for Amazon Prime for Asos. Insert monkey emoji again. Asos Prime is $29 a year (yes a year) and you get unlimited two day shipping. Boo yah. I snagged this FABULOUS lilac dress from Asos and I was and still am pretty obsessed. It was a tad bit more chesty for my comfort level so I feel like a C-cup and under this dress may be a better fit for. Still, this dress was sick. If you’re looking to shop this ASOS Asymmetric One Shoulder Wrap Front Pencil Dress I HIGHLY recommend it. I got so many compliments on this dress and was in love. I finished the look with my go to Nordies Open Toe Nude Sandals which are super comfy and perfect for dancing. The dress was not only gorgeous it was under $100 keeping me Trendy Not Spendy!

3 thoughts on “Wedding Wear

  1. What a cute dress! Looks absolutely elegant on you♥♥♥ you nailed this look for a wedding!


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