Florals for the Fiesta

From 40 degrees to 80 degrees over night. It’s not the easiest thing to switch to. Well the first wedding of the season has come and gone. You’ll notice this year on the blog that most of my posts will revolve around weddings. Scottsdale, AZ was our first stop.

From a winter wardrobe to a summer wardrobe is never easy. Pulling the summer clothes out from the top shelves of your closet is a huge pain in the ass. Once again I can thank my friends at ShopStyle for the help. As mentioned in previous posts, I snagged some goodies from the ShopStyle Social House event. So many designers and a great mix of winter and summer clothes. Lucky for me no one was touching the summer clothes. What’s the point? It was freezing in New York at the time. I swooped all the floral summer outfits I could find. Winning!

We finally touched down in Arizona. The first event was on Friday. A rehearsal dinner fiesta style. This Yumi Kim floral jumper was fabulous. It fit perfectly in all the right places. A sticky tube top (with just the right cleavage), tight waste with a matching belt, and a loose pant. I didn’t have to worry about pulling anything up or sucking anything in. Best part… pockets! I’m a sucker for pockets. This jumpsuit is the perfect for all shapes and sizes. It’s very comfortable and more importantly it’s flattering. The bright orange with white florals was a lovely combination of subtle and statement.

This Red Carnation Hot to Trot Jumper is appropriate for all occasions. Rehearsal dinner, vacation attire, ladies night, etc. the options are endless. This was my first taste of Yumi Kim and I look forward to shopping more of her collections. Sadly, this jumper is not out just yet but the links below will provide similar Trendy Not Spendy options. If you want to wait its absolutely worth the wait.  I’d put this in the must buy and must try category.
   This Yumi Kim Jumpsuit is coming out later this Spring. Shop similar outfits here and here.

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