Alice’s Tea Cup

My Mom came to visit last month and it was my goal to plan as many girly activities as possible. In between wedding dress shopping I decided to make a reservation at Alice’s Tea Cup. Nothing says mother/daughter bonding like a tea party. We made our way to Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II on the Upper East Side. The neighborhood is darling and the restaurant has so much charm. It was fully decorated like the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland.  We spent our tea party sharing a trendy not spendy afternoon. Obviously, if you’re going to visit Alice’s Tea Cup you’re going to need to order the Mad Hatter Tea Party. The party is meant for 2 people but, it can really feed 3. We left with plenty of treats in the togo bag. Heres what you get with the Mad Hatter Tea Party.

The Mad Hatter – “Tea for two!”  $48
*One pot of tea
*Choice of two scones, with preserves and cream
*Choice of two sandwiches
*Assorted cookies with choice of mocha cake, lemon tart, or chocolate mousse
Make it for two! Choose one more scone & another pot of tea
The Mad Hatter tea party was the best way to go. Not only was it more than filling it was delicious. There were over 50 different kinds of teas to choose from. We went with a classic Earl Grey. Not to play it safe, we just really like Earl Grey. The egg salad sandwich was perfection. The scones were all very moist and the lemon tart was delightful. We were two very satisfied ladies.

I highly recommend this experience to all. Perfect for a mother/daughter date, brunch with the girls, or even a boo date with your guy. Best part is the food of course, but on the other hand it really only comes out to $25 a person. What’s not to love about that. I really enjoyed this monthly fav and I hope you do too.


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