50/50 Match Up

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t obsessing over the Stuart Weiztman 50/50 boots. When you see all the celebrities and fashion bloggers wearing them it makes you want a pair of your own. However, there is no way I could ever bring myself to buy a pair of shoes for $635. 

Of course I resisted and began the hunt for the perfect 50/50 knock offs.  I personally prefer a wedge heel on boots. They look great in jeans and dresses. Something about a riding boot and a dress doesn’t scream feminine to me. I stumbled across these Jessica Simpson boots and they were the my favorite by far.

These might be the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned. First time wearing them I walked all day without discomfort. Snag these boots at 6pm.com. You can be Trendy Not Spendy with these 50/50s.

One thought on “50/50 Match Up

  1. I think you should reconsider the Stuart Weiztman 50/50 boots. They last forever and totally worth it!


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