Monday Matchups

Chloe vs. Khloe


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Nothing like a good old Monday Matchup to get the week started off right. I’ve teamed up with Huxley and Harper again to find another Chloe Bag matchup. What’s not to love about the Drew Shoulder bag from Chloe? Well, the price for one thing. Though the bag is a beaut $1,650 is A LOT more than I’d ever be comfortable spending. Luckily, I don’t have to! Huxley and Harper sells a similar version for just $42.00. The almost identical Khloe bag from HH comes in four colors and I want them all. The only difference between the bags is the strap. In my personal opinion I like the thicker strap because it’s more comfortable on your chest and shoulders when worn as a crossbody. Keep up with all the Chloe trends when shopping Huxley and Harper. Use my promo code: trendynotspendy and save 20%. Happy shopping!

Olivia Munnday Match Up


Okay…I couldn’t help it, that was absolutely pun intended. Olivia Munn was in NYC for the premiere of The Office Christmas Party and that entire week she was killing it in all her outfits. This specific outfit caught my eye because I almost bought the knock off boots she’s wearing in the picture. The Stuart Weitzman boots she’s rocking were originally $798 and now $559. I found the perfect Monday Match Up and they are these fab Steve Madden OTK’s for $129 keeping you Trendy Not Spendy!


Self Portrait Steal!


It’s about that time again. During New York Fashion Week I saw this fabulous Self Portrait high neck scallop dress. I first spotted it at a party and then again at a show. I had to have this dress. So, the search began. Nothing is worse than when you go on the hunt to find an outfit you love and when you finally find it, it is priced wayyy out of your budget. Well that’s what happened when I located this dress on Asos for $335.

Then just last night I was browsing around on Sheinside and I found an almost identical Sheer Lace Back Dress  for just $42. Obvi, I had to order it. Now that’s Trendy Not Spendy. Stay tuned for more future Monday Matchups.




Stuart vs. Steve

Alright people. It’s been a year since creating the blog Trendy Not Spendy. A lot of people ask, “what inspired you to create this blog?” I think what inspired me the most is reading People Style Watch magazine. My favorite part in the magazine is flipping to the page that says, “just the bag is 3,000” and where to get the entire outfit for just $500. That section in the magazine alone inspired me to create this blog. When I see $500 for an outfit I kinda roll me eyes and say…umm really? I can get that outfit for half the price. It’s led me back to the reason why I created this blog and moving forward I’m going to stick to niche that I’m so proud of. This is why I’ve created Monday Matchup.

What is Monday Matchup? Well it’s exactly what it means. On Mondays (hopefully every Monday, but no promises) I’m going to post a Monday Matchup. We all have those popular trendy items that haunt us. For me it’s the Stuart Weitzman Higland over the knee boots. Every blogger and celebrity has them. Dear god I want them so damn bad. But, I could never justify spending $800 on a pair of boots. I can get so much shit for that price. So, after a little research I’ve found the perfect matchup. Steve Madden has very similar boots and unless you own Stuart’s you wouldn’t know the difference. Tonight’s Monday Matchup is Stuart Weitzman vs. Steven Madden. Why break the bank when you can get your own over the knee boots for $150. Now this Monday Matchup is hands down Trendy Not Spendy.




Yumi Kim Matchup

Now it pains me to publish this because I love my girl Yumi Kim, but this matchup was too close not to post. I recently posted about the fabulous Hot to Trot Jumper from Yumi Kim and I speak so highly of everything she creates. However, sometimes we can’t be as spendy as we like. Tonights matchup is between this gorgeous blue Yumi Kim Swept Away Maxi Dress and this Asos Club L Maxi Dress. I mean come on…check out the similarity in the dress and the difference in the price. I’d cheat on Yumi Kim for a $27 knockoff. Will it have the same quality and flow? That I don’t know. Either way you can be Trendy Not Spendy with this Monday Matchup.




DVF Dress for Less

The average DVF dress can run between $300-$1000. I came across this fabulous DVF dress on Pinterest uploaded by another blogger back in 2011 and loved it instantly. Then much to my surprise I found an almost identical dress on Sheinside. Yup, a whole 5 years later and here is for a whopping $26. Granted I don’t exactly know the exact amount of the dress on the left but if we know the average dress is over $300 I think we’ve got ourselves a Monday Matchup!

img_8916Geometric Dress: Sheinside | Bracelet: Tory Burch Fit Bit | Clutch : Aldo (similar here)

Heels: Nordstrom | Necklace: Stella and Dot



Aquazzura Wild Thing Sandals

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Well, I do! It’s the place that meets all your shoes needs. No matter what you’re looking for you can filter on 6pm to find the shoe that best fits you and your budget. These Aquazzura Wild Thing suede sandals are simply stunning. But, let’s be realistic there is no way I’m dropping $785 on shoes. What’s amazing about Steve Madden is they always stay in or ahead of the trend without having you break the bank. These $785 red suede fringed heels with wrap around ankle ties can be found on for just $80. Now that’s Trendy Not Spendy!

Wild Thing Sandals VS. Steve Madden Sassey



Stella & Dot Tote for Less

Last night I was browsing on Asos when I came across a tote bag almost identical to a bag I currently own. However, the tote on Asos is wayy cheaper than what I bought my bag for. I purchased this Avalon Tote when I worked for Stella & Dot. Luckily, I got the Avalon for half off because I was a Stylist. My Avalon Tote has been the ultimate travel and beach bag. it really is an amazing bag. I carry it with me everywhere I go in Spring and Summer. This bag can we found on the Stella & Dot site for $148.

However, I came across the same damn bag last night in light rose. Such a solid find on Asos. You can snag the Nali Laser Cut Out Beach Bag on Asos for $51. If you don’t mind the color difference you can definitely save a buck with this bag. I’m so excited I could share this Monday Matchup with you guys. Am I mad I paid more? Meh maybe, a little. But, it doesn’t mean you have to. You can be Trendy Not Spendy with this Nali tote.  



The Bucket Bag

Hey guys, Happy Monday! I’m not sure that’s even a thing but today we can be happy about the bucket bag match up. The bucket bag is a trend slowly creeping up on us. I really like the style and it’s the perfect size for a cross body. I feel like Goldilocks with the bucket bag. It’s not too big or too small, it’s just the right.

I really love the Mansur Gabriel Bucket Bag, however you know I’m not dropping $495-$595 on a bag. Even if the size is just right. As mentioned on my Instagram my girlfriend started her own online clothing boutique. If you guys have a chance please make sure to check out Huxley + Harper! It’s a bold and flirty fashion website with fun trends that won’t break the bank. On Huxley + Harper you can find the bucket bag twin for the Mansur Gabriel.  The Austin mini bucket bag is just $32 and the Katelin is $45. Now that’s Trendy Not Spendy!



Taylor’s Twin

It’s safe to say that I am still obsessing over Taylor Swift’s domination at The 2015 Billboard music awards. She cleaned up nicely and I’m not just talking about the awards. Her all white Balmain Spring/Summer 2015 jumpsuit ($2,292) was absolutely stunning! It was the perfect combo of sexy and classy. Too snag this look for less head over to Their Frisco Inferno Knit Cutout Jumpsuit is almost identical and only $78.

Get Taylor’s look and be Trendy Not Spendy!

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