15 Must Have Basket and Straw Bags

15 Must Have Basket and Straw Bags

I have officially hopped on the basket bag bandwagon. I’m sure you’ve seen the Insta-famous ark basket bag by Cult Gaia on every other blogger. I just loved the style so much that I had to join in on the fun. I have had the best basket bag experience and am head over heels for my new NusaLuna round basket bag from Etsy. I’m sure when you see these bags online you’re wondering…hmm…am I gonna like this? Or what is the quality of this bag? The round basket bag that I’m wearing is in pretty much every single one of my instagram photos is an absolute must have!

When searching the web for basket bags, it isn’t that easy to find online. Even if you google basket bags or straw bags the one you’re typically looking for isn’t easy to find them online. Or if you see a blogger with one they don’t always link the exact bag in the picture and I know how frustrating that can be. I just want that exact bag damnit! Well, I got my bag from NusaLuna on Etsy. A small shop in Singapore that makes quality bags. This bag is an absolute beaute and the condition is incredible. I highly recommend this bag and I hope you purchase one from NusaLuna.

If you haven’t jumped on the basket bag bandwagon like me and want to start off slow the easiest transition would be with a straw bag. Since I have been looking for more bags to add to my collection I have rounded up 15 must have straw and basket bags you’ll need for the rest of the summer. Happy shopping!

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