Monday Matchup: The Leopard Clutch

Monday Matchup: The Leopard Clutch

When I purchased my Leopard Clare V clutch I had a bit of buyers remorse because it’s more than I’d usually spend on a clutch. Even though I got it 25% off it was still a little pricey. However, I wear my Clare V leopard clutch with everything and there isn’t an outfit it can’t go with. With that said I feel like it really was an investment. I was browsing on and came across a similar almost identical version by BP. This BP Leopard clutch has a chic texture and a similar look to the Clare V clutch. The main differences are the Nordstrom clutch has a leather backing, lighter color, and of course the price! You can find the Clare V clutch on Nordstrom as well for $245, but I’d recommend the $45 version keeping you Trendy Not Spendy.

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