The Best Of Denim

The Best Of Denim

What is it about denim that I love so much? It’s kind of funny really because growing up I maybe had one jean jacket and a pair of overalls and that was it. Now, I want denim everything! Denim really made a come back from jackets to jumpers, from shoes to dresses. When it comes to denim the options are endless. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive in NYC, so I can bust at all the denim my heart desires and not freeze my butt off.

Photos by: Kimberly Barnes Photography

My love for denim started last year when I got this incredible ASTR jumper from Nordstrom. The light fabric and fitting  waistline topped off with a low plunging back was quite the number. I got so many compliments on this jumper and their wasn’t an occasion it wasn’t perfect for. This jumper gave me the inspiration to round up the best of denim for you all. Below are all my favorite denim style and trends for under $200 keeping you Trendy Not Spendy.

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